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mid term quest

mixed chapters

which of the following has a heavy pot with a close fitting lid and is suitable for the range or oven? D. Dutch oven
which of the following is not one of the four most common kitchen plans? a. Triangle plan
all of the following are convenient options that can be added to kitchen cabinets except_____ b. insect-proof shelving
in a microwave oven, a magnitude tube converts energy into microwaves that are absorbed by molecules to vibrate and produce heat that cooks the food. True
Refrigerator freezers create cold storage by means of a chemical blend called a refrigerator that circulates in refrigerator walls, compresses into a liquid , and expands into a gas True
A smoker is a covered grill that burns aromic wood chips, flavoring food as it cooks. True
The energy guide label on an appliance can help you estimate its energy costs. True
Matching: Method of transferring heat by direct contact b. Conduction
Matching: Temperature at which fat begins to break down F. Smoking point
Matching: Movement of molecules though air or liquid C.Convection
Matching: Electrical sparks that can damage a microwave oven or start a fire. A. arcing
Matching: to brown meat quickly over high heat to form a flavor furbrown crust. E. scar
to score meat,you make straight , shallow cuts in the surface of the meat with a slicing knife. True
when using a container to weigh pioeces of food, you must adjust the scale by taring True
Because fats can be heated to much higher temperature than liquids, foods cooked in fats develop a crisp crust and aquire a characteristic fried flavor. true
the denser a food is, the longer it take to cook True
which of the following is not a good guideline for limiting bacteria in the kitchen? C. Washing food Surfaces in cold water before preparing food.
one proven method for keeping your hands clean in order to prevent bacterial transfer is the _______? b. 20 second scrub
Matching: cutting off a very thin layer of peel with a knife. F. Paring
Matching: Mixing a light, Fluffy mixture into a heavier one. D. folding
Matching: Coating food heavily wioth flour, breadcrunbs, or cornmeal. c. dredging
Matching: combining two or more ingredients thoroughly so they blend. E. mixing
Which of the following situations might lead to a dangerous growth of bacteria spores? a. leaving a potato salad made with mayonnaise sitting out in the sun for several hours.
when cooking a beef stew, which of the following cutting techniques would you be most likely to use when paring the meat? a. Cubing
which of the following is not a basic guideline for kitchen safety? c. keep drawers and doors open for easy acess to equipment.
which of the following should you never do when using an electrical appliance? b. use an electrical appliance with wet hands
cooks must often use equivalents when working with recipes, especially if they want to convert a recipe from one measuring system to another. True
recipes for baked goods are the most sensitive to substitution. true
during high altitude cooking, foods simmered in liquid usually cook faster. False
volume is a more exact measure than weight. false
Matching: number of servings or amount a recipe makes E. yield
Matching: amount of apace an ingredient takes up. C. Volume
Matching: Heaviness of an ingredient. D. wieght
Matching: Measurement system based on multiples of ten. B. Metric
when measuring liquids, you should do all of the following except _______? a. hold the measuring cup in your hands, when measuring.
which of the following is not a method for measuring solid fats? C. Hot water method
the "two hour rule" of food storage applies to________? b. perishable foods containing meat poultry, fish eggs, or dairy products.
which of the following is a safe food handling practice? C. tasting baked chicken after it is fully cooked.
which of the following is not regulated by the FDA? C. enzymes
one of the main responsibilities of the food safety inspection service is to __________? b. test food products for residues of hormones , antibiotics, and other drugs used to improve an animals condition
Matching: Poisons that can cause illness. G. Toxins
Matching: Spoilage in high-oil content foods due to a breakdown of fats. D. rancidity
all of the following are true of food placement in a microwave oven except_______? d. food at outer edges of the oven cooks the fastest.
bacteria can travel from food handlers to food by sneezing or coughing. True
when washing off kitchen work areas and appliances, you should rinse the dishcloth often in hot, sudsy water. True
refilling a serving dish of food that has been sitting out for a while may cause cross-contamination. True
Many of the thousands of types of bacteria found naturally in the environment and in the human body are harmless. True
the three main ways in which transfer of heat occurs are________? a. Conduction,convection,and radiation.
browning is caused by the________a series of chemical reactions between certain sugars and proteins in the food. C. Maillard reaction
which of the following factor does not usually influence cooking rates of foods? nutrient content
the basic reason why recipes may need to be changed at higher altitudes is because ____________? B air pressure decreases as altitude increases
Matching: Counter top extension, open on two sides and one end. F. peninsula
bright shadow-free light over specific work areas. H. Task lighting
freestanding counter, open on all sides E. island
equipment for cooking food on top of range C. cookware
oven with a fan that circulates heated air to equalize temperatures. B. Covection
the most common format for recipes lists the temperature and the first, then the step ny step directions, and finally the list of ingredients. False
safety experts recommend that home water heaters be set at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. False
household chemicals should be started with easy reach under the sink. False
A service contract is a guarrantee that an appliance or product will work as advertised for specific length of time. False
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