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Clothing snug, no jewelry, hair tied back (important when working with machinery with moving parts)
Safety guards never remove w/o the instructors approval
O.S.H.A regulates safety and health in the workplace
Mixing and Storing chemicals follow directions, store in plastic when possible, never taste, keep work area clear
Eye protection when using lasers very important
Fire Types A combustibles, B flammable liquids, C electrical (these fires have different ways to put them out)
P.A.S.S. acronym to help you remember how to use a fire extinguisher - pull - aim - squeeze - sweep
Noise exposure decibel hearing loss persons hearing is muffled – ultrasound frequency above what humans can hear
Computer station sit properly – you will be more productive
Electrical grounding prevents electric shock, avoid damp floors, turn off power when working on – report damaged wires – use battery powered tools when working in a damp environment
avoid working with machinery when tired or sick
To dillute acid Pour acid into water not water into acid
Avoid extension cords if possible none
UL Only use UL approved extension cords
Never use adapters to defeat ungrounded outlets none
red danger
orange warning
yellow caution
green helps you find safety equipment
blue safety information
smelling chemicals waft them towards your nose
UL Underwriters Laboratories
Ultrasound uses sound waves to generate images may danger babies
Shoes leather closed toed
DC Direct current operated with batteries
AC Alternative current
Created by: MelMarWar