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Med Law & Ethics Crossword

Patient Bill of ____________ Rights
Illegal act against another for personal gain. Fraud
Allows patients to set forth their intentions in advance as to their treatment and care. Living will
__________________ communication Priviledged
A written statement in which people state the type and amount of care they wish to receive during a terminal illness. Advance directive
Discontinuation of care after treatment has started. Abandonment
Abbreviation is PT. Physical Therapist
The department that oversees Medicare and Medicaid services. CMS
A person of low or no income. indegent
Insurance companies are ____________________ payers. third party
HMO's, PPO's and EPO's are examples of _____________________________. managed care
A patient undressing for a physical examination. implied contract
Field resulting from modern medical advances and research. bioethics
Society in which people have become excessively inclined to sue healthcare professionals. litigious
These apply specifically to the way medicine is practiced in a particular state. Medical practice arts
Another word for neglect. dereliction
Direct cause of injury. proximate
One of the four D's to obtain a judgment of negligence against a physician. damages
Where the most medical errors are made. medication
An addition to a physician's insurance policy to cover negligence of assistants. rider
Literal meaning: "the thing has been decided." Res judicata
__________________ of risk. assumption
A person fails to perform an action that a reasonable person would or would not perform in a similar situation. negligence
Failure to perform a necessary action. nonfeasance
Created by: sanfordbrown