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U-Club Wines

Wines by the glass

Cristalino Brut, Cava Spain @$8.00 BASIC-A dry sparkling wine with flavors of pear and citrus.ADVANCED-80% Chenin Blanc, 20% Chardonnay
Bouvet Brut, Loire valley @10.00 BASIC-Bright and clean with flavors of apples, vanilla and toast.ADVANCED-50% Macabeo, 35% Parallada, 15% Xarello.
2008 Santa Ema Sauvignon Blanc, Chile @8.00 BASIC-lighter body, very crisp flavors of grapefruit and pineapple ADVANED-It's tangy high acid flavors make it a good pairing with shellfish appetizers or goat cheese.
2007 Robert Pepi Pinot Grigio, Ca @10.00 BASIC-round and juicy with flavors of melon,red apple and citrus ADVANCED-lighter alcohol content makes it enjoyable before dinner or on a hot day.
2007 Salmon Creek chardonnay, Ca @8.00 BASIC-fruit foward with flavors of citrus, green apple, and very little oak ADVANCED-this is a blend of grapes from many different regions in California
2007 Frei Brothers Chardonnay, Russian River @9.00 BASIC-Tropical fruit with creamy oak/vanilla overtones.ADVANCED-from the cool climste of the Russian River just north of the bay.
2007 Fort Ross Chardonnay, Russian River @13.00 BASIC-Heavily toasted oak with rich flavors of pear and butter.ADVANCED-these grapes are from a their vineyard as opposed to being blends from many areas
2008 Brandborg Riesling @11.00 BASIC-fruit foward with aroma and flavors of white peach and green apple.ADVANCED-typically lower in alcohol, riesling is good pairing with spicy foods and the delicate flavors of shellfish.
2007 Beringer Estate White Zinfandel, Ca @6.00 BASIC-light bodied with strawberry flavors and a slightly sweet finish. ADVANCED-Zinfandel is dark grape. When the juice is pressed from the grape, it receives not contact with the skins-hence the lack of color and the name white zinfandel.
2007 Echelon Pinot Noir, France @8.00 BASIC-Light cherry flavors with hints of dried herbs and very litle tannins. ADVANCED-this is from a Ca winery that imports french grapes.
2007 Diamond Oaks Pinot Noir, Russian River @12.00 BASIC-Bright bing cherry flavors with vanilla and spice undertones. ADVANCED-from the cool climate of the Russian River Valley
2006 Oxford Landing Merlot, Austrailia @8.00 BASIC-Plum, berry, and vanilla flavors with mild tannins. ADVANCED-bigger thab a pinot noir, this is still an easy drinking wine from austrailia.
2005 Leal Merlot, Napa @13.00 BASIC-full bodied style of merlot with complex blackberry, spice, and vanilla flavors. ADVANCED-from a very well respected small producer in Napa that also has other vineyard designates.
2006 Morro Bay Cabernet Sauvignon, Ca @8.00 BASIC-simple classic cabernet flavors of cassis, plum, cherry, and black pepper. ADVANCED-a blend of cabernet grapes from the central coast and Alexander Valley.
2005 Brennan Avery Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa @12.00 BASIC-Bigger style of cabernet with flavors of currant, plum, cherry, and mouth-coating tannins. ADVANCED-being a bigger style, this would pair with our hearty dishes like lamb and beef.
2006 Paringa Shiraz, Australia @8.00 BASIC-full bodied, with flavors of ripe berries(black and raspberry, spice and signs of tannins. ADVANCED-the higher ripeness of this australian wine can translate to higher levels of alcohol. (14+%)
2007 Tobin James "Ballistic" Zinfandel, Paso Robles @10.00 BASIC-ripe, jammy boysenberry flavors with hints of raisin and carmelized oak. ADVANCED-Ballistic is only one of a number of Zinfandels that Tobin James produces
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