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15-17 WG

places and terms

ural moutains serperate the northern eurpoean and west siberian plains
eurasia the combined continet of europe and asia
transcaucasia region that consists of the republics of armenia, azberjian, and gerogia; lovated between the caucasus moutains and the borders of turkey and iran
central asia a region that includes the republics of kazahkstan, kyrgstan, tajikstan, turkmenistan, and uzbekistan
siberia a region of central and eastern russia, stretching from the ural moutains to the pacific ocean, known for it's mineral resources and for being a place of political exile
continentality a regions distance from the moderating influence of the sea
taiga a nearly continous belt of evergreen coniferous forests across thenorthern hemisphere, in north america and eurasia
runoff rainfall not absorbed by the soil that runs into streams and rivers
trans-siberian railroad a railroad that would eventually link moscow to the pacific port of vladivosotok; built between 1891-1903
baltic republics countries of latica lithuania and estonia located on the eastern coast of the baltic sea
czar the emperor of russia [rior to the russian revolution of 1917 and the subsequent creation of the soviet union in 1922
russian revolution revolt of 1917 in which the russian commmunist party, led by v.i. lenin, took control of the government from the czars
ussr union of soviet socialist republics or soviet union formed in 1922 by the communists and offically dissolved
cold war conflict between the untied states and the soviet union after WW2 called "cold" vecause it never escalated into open warfare
command economy type of economic system in whihc production of goods and services is determined by a central government, which usuallyowns the means of production. "planned economy"
collective farm and enormous farm in the soviet union on which a large team of laboreres were gathered to work together during joseph stallins reign
red army name of the soviets army
supra georgian (russian) term for dinner party, with many dishes, courses, toasts, and short speeches
silk road 4,000 mile route between china and the mediterannen sea, named for costly silk acquired in china
nomad person with no perm. home, moves from place to place according to the seasons from place to place in search of food, water, and grazing land
great game struggle between the british empire and the russian empire for control of central asia in the 19th century
yurt a tent of central asia's nomads
caucasus region that straddles the caucasus moutains, which stretches from to the black and caspian sea
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