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Haney MedTerm C 2

Haney medtem c2-JB

Where does a suffix go? after a root word
Is a combing vowel need when the suffix begins with a consant? Yes
If the suffix begins with a vowel? no combining vowel is needed
What does -ate mean? something that...
What does -esis mean? condition of
What does -iatry mean? Medical treatment
what does -ism mean? condition
what does -ist mean? Practitioner
What does -osis mean? condition
what does -al mean? Pertaining to
what does -ous mean? pertaining to
what does -ary mean? pertaining to
what does -ician mean? specialist in a field of study
what does -iatrics mean? relating to medicine
what does -iatry mean? medical treatment
what does -iatrist mean? one who treats
what does -ist mean? Practioner
what does -logist mean? one who specializes in the study of
what does -logy mean? the study of
what does -centesis mean? surgical puncture
what does -clasis mean? crushing or breaking up
what does -desis mean? binding or surgical fusion
what does -ectomy mean? surgical removal
what does -gram mean? record or picture
what does -graph mean? an instrument used to record
what does -graphy mean? process of recording
what does -ize mean? to make
what does -lysis mean? destruction
what does -meter mean? an instrument used to measure
what does -metry mean? the process of measuring
what does -pexy mean? surgical fixation
what does -plasty mean? surgical repair
what does -rrhaphy mean? suturing
what does -scope mean? an instrument used to view
what does -scopy mean? the process of viewing with a scope
what does -stomy mean? the surgical creation of a new opening
what does -tomy mean? incision into
what does -tripsy mean? intentional crushing
what does -megaly mean? enlargement
what does -pathy mean? disease
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