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Prefixes, Suffixes

Roots, Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes

a- without, lack of ex. - asymptomatic (absence of symptoms)
ab- away from ex. - abstinence (to hold back from)
acou- hearing ex. - acoustics (science of sound)
-ac, -al pertaining to ex. cardiac (the heart), myocardial (heart muscle)
ad- to, toward, near to ex. - adduction (move toward midline)
aden-, adeno- gland ex. - adenoma (tumor of a gland)
af- toward ex. - afferent (moving toward)
albi- white ex. albinuria (passing of pale or white urine)
-algia painful condition ex. - myalgia (muscle pain)
an- without, lack of ex. - anesthesia (absence of pain)
andro- male ex. - androgens (male hormones)
angi-, angio- vessel ex. - angiopathy (disease of blood vessel)
ante- before ex. - antepartum (before birth)
anti- against ex. - anticoagulant (prevents blood clotting)
apo- separated from, off ex. - apodia (congenital absence of feet)
arthr-, arthro- joint ex. - arthritis (inflammation of joint)
-ary associated with ex. - urinary (associated with urine)
-asis, -asia condition or state of ex. - homeostasis (state of metabolic balance)
audio- hearing ex. - auditory (belonging to the hearing sense)
auri- ear ex. - auricle (ear-shaped structure)
auto- self ex. - autolysis (self breakdown)
baro- weight, pressure ex. - baroreceptor (receptor for pressure change)
bi- twice, double ex. - bicuspid (two cusps)
-blast germ, bud ex. - chondroblast (cartilage-producing cell)
brachi- arm ex. - brachial (of the arm)
brady- slow ex. - bradycardia (slow heart rate)
bucc- cheek ex. buccal cavity (inside cheek region)
callo- thick ex. - callosity ( thickening of keratinized layer of epidermis)
carcin- cancer ex. - carcinogenic (causing cancer)
cardio- heart ex. - cardiogram (register of heart activity)
caud- tail ex. - caudal (by the tail)
cepahl- head ex. - cepahlic (be the head)
cerebro- brain ex. - cerebrospinal (of the brain and spinal cord)
chondro- cartilage, gristle ex. - chondrocyte (cartilage cell)
-cide kill ex.- spermicide (agent that kills sperm)
circum- around ex. - circumduction (movement forming a circle)
-clast break ex. - osteoclast (cell that breaks down bone)
co-, com- with, together ex. - cooperate, gray commissure (connects right/left horns)
contra- against, opposite ex. - contralateral (opposite side)
cost- rib ex. - intercostals (between ribs)
crani- skull ex. - cranial cavity (where the brain is)
cune- wedge ex. - cuneiform (wedge shaped)
cuti- skin ex. - subcutaneous (under the skin)
cyan- blue color ex. - cyanosis (bluish discoloration of skin)
cysti-, cysto- sac, bladder ex. - cystoscope (instrument for examining the inside of the bladder
-cyte, cyto- cell ex. - erythrocyte (red blood cell), cytology (study of cells)
demi- half ex. - costal demifacet (half-moon facet on vertebra for rib articulation)
derm- skin ex. - dermatology (study of skin)
di-, diplo- two ex. - diploid (two sets of chromosomes)
duct-, -duct lead, draw ex. - ovarian duct, adduct (to lead away from)
dur- hard ex. - dura mater (tough menix of CNS)
e-, ec-, ef-, ex- out, from ex. - efferent (carries away from), excretion (eliminate from)
ecto- outside, outer ex. - ectocardia (displacement of heart)
-ectomy to cut out ex. - appendectomy (removal of appendix)
ede-, -edem swelling ex. - myoedema (muscle swelling)
-el, -elle small ex. - organelle (tiny structure that performs specific cellular functions)
endo- within ex. - endocardium (lining within heart chambers)
entero- intestine ex. - enteritis (inflammation of intestines)
epi- upon, on ex. - epicardium (membrane covering heart)
ex-, exo- outside ex. - exhale (breathe out), exocrine (gland that secretes to outside)
extra- outside ex. - extracellular (outside the cell)
-ferent carry ex. - afferent (carries, toward)
-form resembling, shape of ex. - fusiform (spindle-shaped)
gastr-, gastro- stomach ex. - gastric ulcer (stomach ulcer)
gloss-, glosso- tongue ex. - hypoglossal (under the tongue)
-genesis, - genic produce, origin ex. - gluconeogenesis (glucose from another molecule), carcinogenic (causes cancer)
glyco- sugar, sweet ex. - glycolysis (breakdown of glucose)
gyn- female, women ex. - gynecology (treatment of female reproductive organs)
hapto- single ex. - haploid (single set of chromosomes)
hem-, hemato- blood ex. - hematology (study of blood)
hepato- liver ex. - hepatitis (inflammation of liver)
hetero- different ex. - heterosexual (involving different sexes)
hist-, histo- tissue ex. - histology (study of tissues)
holo- whole, entire ex. - hologynic (manifests only in females), holocrania (absence of all bones of skull vault)
homo-, homeo- same ex. - homeostasis (constancy of body parameters)
hydro- water ex. - hydroadipsia (absence of thirst for water)
hyper- over, above ex. - hypertrophy (overgrowth of cells or part)
hypo- below, under ex. - hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
idio- self, distinct ex. - idiopathic (disease of unknown cause)
infra- below ex. - infraspinatus (below the spine of scapula)
inter- between ex. - interosseous (between two bones)
intra- within ex. - intracellular (within the cell)
-issimus greatest ex. - latissimus (widest)
iso- equal, same ex. - isotonic (same concentration)
-itis inflammation ex. - neuritis (inflammation of nerve)
juxta- near ex. - juxtaglomerular (near the glomerulus)
labi- lip ex. - labia major (thickened fold of skin and connective tissue in female external genitalia)
lacto- milk ex. - lactose (milk sugar)
leuko- white ex. - leukocyte (white blood cell)
lip- fat ex. - lipid (an operational term denoting solubility characteristics; "fat soluble")
-logy study ex. - urology (study of urinary system)
-lysis breaking up , dissolve ex. - hemolysis (breaking up erythrocytes)
macro- large ex. - macrophage (certain large leukocytes)
mamm-, mast- breast ex. - mammary glands, mastectomy (breast removal)
medi- middle ex. - medial (toward the midline)
melano- black ex. - melanocyte (dark pigment-producing cells)
-mers, -meres parts ex. - polymers (larger molecules made of monomers)
meta- after, beyond ex. - metastasis (beyond the original position)
micro- small ex. - microorganism (very small organism)
mono one, single ex. - monomer (a single part), monosaccharide (a simple or single sugar)
morph- form, shape ex. - morphology (study of shape)
myo- muscle ex. - myometrium (muscular wall of uterus)
necro- dead ex. - necrotic (being of dead tissue)
neo- new ex. - neonatal (newborn)
nephro- kidney ex. - nephrology (study of kidneys)
neuro- nerve ex. - neurilemma (nerve cell membrane)
oculo-, ophthalm eyes ex. - oculomotor (movement of the eye), ophthalmology (study of the eye)
odonto- tooth ex. - odontoid (shaped like a tooth)
-ole little ex. - arteriole (small artery-like vessel)
oligo- few, little, deficient ex. - oliguria (little urine output)
-oma tumor ex. - carcinoma (cancerous tumor), osteoma (benign bone tumor)
oo- egg ex. - oocyte (egg cell)
-osis condition of ex. - osteoporosis (having bones that are porous)
osse-, osteo- bone ex. - osteoblast (bone-forming cell)
oto- ear ex. - otogenic (originating within the ear)
para- near, beside ex. - paranasal (by the nose)
-pathy disease ex. - neuropathy (nerve disease)
pelv- basin ex. - renal pelvis (collection area in kidney)
-penia deficiency ex. - leucopenia (deficiency of leukocytes)
peri- around ex. - periosteum (membrane covering bones)
phag- eat ex. - phagocytosis (cellular eating)
phil- have an affinity for ex. - lipophilic (associates with fat)
-plegia paralyze, stroke ex. - paraplegia (paralysis of lower extremities)
pneumo- air, gas, lungs ex. - pneumothorax (air in the pleural cavity)
-poie, -poiesis make, formation of ex. - erythropoietin (hormone that stimulates erythrocyte production)
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