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Chapter 8

The safe food handler 2.1

Food handlers must wash their hands before they start work and after: Using the restroom. Handling raw meat, poultry, and ​ seafood (before and after)​. Touching the hair, face, or body. Sneezing, coughing, or using ​a tissue​ty, etc..
Something else too...? Taking out garbage​. Clearing tables or busing dirty dishes
What are one of the hand anticeptics? Liquids or gels used to lower the number ​of pathogens on skin
What are the requirements for handlers? Keep fingernails short and clean. Do not wear false nails. Do not wear nail polish.
How a wound is covered depends upon ​ where it is located​? Cover wounds on the hand or wrist with an ​ impermeable cover. Cover wounds on the arm with an impermeable cover. Cover wounds on other parts of the body with a dry, ​ tight-fitting bandage.
When can we use gloves? Should be using when handling ready-to-eat food
How to use gloves and what are some characteristic? Wash and dry hands before putting gloves on​. Select the correct glove size​. Hold gloves by the edge when putting them on. etc...
What we don't have to do? NEVER blow into gloves​. NEVER roll gloves to make them easier to put on.
When we have to change gloves? As soon as they become dirty or torn​. Before beginning a different task, etc...
Food handlers must: Wear a clean hat or other ​ hair restraint ​.Wear clean clothing daily​, etc...
Created by: Jenny Valeriano
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