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Kimona Simpson

Anatomy set 2

The muscle that allows the thumb to be drawn across the palm to touch the tip of any finger is the? opponens pollicis
A muscle that assists with mastication is the? masseter
In pushing (pressing) a weight from shoulder height to above the head, which of the following muscles is least utilized? Biceps brachii
When an athlete injures a muscle of the hamstring group, the injury is on the? posterior thigh
Which of the following is not a muscle of the quadriceps femoris group? Biceps femoris
Dendrites conduct impulses _____ cell bodies. toward
One of the components of the blood-brain barrier is? astrocytes.
In the human nervous system? there are almost equal numbers of glia cells and neurons
Which of the following compounds cannot cross the blood-brain barrier? Dopamine
Gray matter in the brain and spinal cord consists primarily of? cell bodies
The brain has _____ major divisions. Six
Which of the following is not true of the lateral corticospinal tract fibers? Most inhibit the lower motor neuron
Impulses from which system play a part in arousing or alerting the cerebrum? Reticular activating system
The cranial nerve that arises from the spinal cord is the? accessory
Parasympathetic neuron cell bodies are located in? nuclei of the brainstem and the lateral gray columns of the sacral cord
Which of the following is not a plexus of the spinal nerves? Thoracic
Pancreatic cell type that produces insulin. beta cells
Pyramid-shaped gland consisting of neural crest-derived cells and endocrine secretory cells. adrenal gland
Fluid filling the posterior segment of the eye. vitreous humor
The anatomical stalk of the pituitary is also known as infundibulum.
Transparent mucous membrane covering the inner surface of the eyelid. conjunctiva
The internal iliac artery supplies blood to the pelvis.
The term blood type refers to the type of blood cell antigen.
The bulk of the heart wall is the thick, contractile middle layer called the? myocardium
Neutrophils are highly mobile and phagocytic. They migrate out of blood vessels and into tissue spaces. This process is called? diapedesis
Erythrocytes begin their maturation sequence in red bone marrow from nucleated cells known as? hematopoietic stem cells.
Which sphincters function as regulatory valves that reduce the flow of blood through a network of capillaries when they contract and constrict the arterioles? precapillary sphincters
The internal iliac artery supplies blood to the? pelvis.
Activities that result in central movement or flow of lymph are called? lymphokinetic activities.
Which of the following is a powerful poison that acts directly on any cell and quickly kills it? lymphotoxin
The _____ postulates that when an antigen enters the body, it selects the clone whose cells are committed to synthesizing its specific antibody and stimulates these cells to proliferate and to thereby produce more antibodies. clonal selection theory
The functions of the lymph nodes are? defense and hematopoiesis
The lymphatic system serves various functions in the body. The two most important functions of this system are? fluid balance and immunity
Antibodies are proteins of the family called? immunoglobulins.
The ingestion and destruction of microorganisms or other small particles is called? phagocytosis
The presentation of an antigen by an antigen-presenting cell activates the T cell. The cell then divides repeatedly to form a clone of identical sensitized T cells that form? effector T cells and memory cells.
The movement of phagocytes from blood vessels to an inflammation site is called? diapedesis
Masses of lymphoid tissue located in a protective ring under the mucous membranes in the mouth and the back of the throat are called? tonsils
Which of the following lists the correct sequence of air as it passes through the nose into the pharynx? Anterior nares vestibule inferior, middle, and superior meatus posterior nares
Paranasal sinuses are normally filled with air
The approximate length of the trachea, or windpipe, is _____ cm 11
The function of the vibrissae in the vestibule is to provide an initial “filter” to screen particulate matter from air that is entering the system
Which of the following is not a function of the pharynx? Determines the quality of the voice
Which of the following is true of the intrinsic muscles of the larynx? They serve in voice production.
The lower border of the cavity of the larynx is formed by the cricoid cartilage.
Created by: kimona
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