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Haney MedTerm - c4

Haney MedTerm - c4 - MC

1. What is pertaining to the tail? caudal
2. What is pertaining to the skull or cranium? cranial
3. What is the cavity that contains the brain? cranial cavity
4. What is the study of cells? cytology
5. What is away from the surface? deep
6. What is pertaining to the back? dorsal
7. What is toward the midline of the body? medial
8. What is pertaining to the middle and side of a structure? mediolateral
9. What is the umbilicus? navel
10. What is lying face down on the abdomen? prone
11. What is pertaining to the back of the body? posterior
12. What is pertaining to the surface of the body, or near the surface? superficial
13. What is lying horizontally on the back, face up? supine
14. What is a group of cells that perform specialized functions? tissue
15. What is pertaining to the front? ventral
16. What is above or upward toward the head? superior
17. What is pertaining to the internal organs? visceral
18. What does ana- mean? not, without
19. What does anter/o mean? front
20. What does crani/o mean? skull
21. What does cyt/o mean? cell
22. What does dors/o mean? back
23. What does epi- mean? upon, over
24. What does hist/o mean? tissue
25. What does proxim/o mean? near
26. What does spin/o mean? spine
27. What does the abdominal cavity contain? gallbladder, spleen,stomach, pancreas, intestines, and intestines
28. What is anaplasia? a change in the structure and orientation of cells
29. What is the standard reference position for the body as a whole? anatomical position
30. What is a developmental failure resulting in the absence of any organ or tissue? aplasia
31. What are organs that work together to perform the many functions of the body as a whole? system
32. What are tissues that are arranged together to perform a special function? organ
33. What is the smallest and most numerous structural unit of living matter? cell
34. What is the semipermeable barrier that is the outer covering of a cell? cell membrane
35. What is the tissue that supports and binds other body tissue and parts? connective tissue
36. What is the tailbone? coccyx
37. What does nucle/o mean? nucleus
38. What does poster/o mean? back
39. What does -plasm mean? living substance
40. What does inguin/o mean? groin
Created by: campana