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Haney AP C11 lc

haney ap c11 lc

It consist of the medulla oblongata, pons varoli and the midbrain? brainstem
Cavities within the brain that connect with each other are called? ventricles
This lobe functions for receiving and interpreting visual input? occipital bone
The fifth bone embedded deep in the lateral sulcus? insula
These function as receptor sites for taste? taste cells
The sense of smell is known as? olfactory sense
This is medial to the fovea centralis? optic disk
What are rod cells that contain pigment are called? rhodopsin
Known as a hammer? malleus
Known as a anvil? incus
Known as a stirrup? stapes
The visible part or our ear is called? auricle
Inflammation of the meninges caused by bacterial or viral infection? meningitis
Condition caused by brain damage during brain development or birth process? cerebral palsy
Usually affects older people with symptoms of memory loss and behavioral changes? Alzheimers disease
Inflammation of brain tissue usually caused by a virus? encephalitis
This disease is characterized by tremors of the hand? Parkinson's disease
This is caused by a clot or thrombus in a blood vessel? cerebrovascular accident
It can be caused by a variety of factors from muscle tension to anxiety? Headache
A disorder in the brain where certain parts are overactive producing seizures? epilepsy
The ear canal is lined with hairs and modified sebaceous glands called? ceraminous glands
Also known as earwax? cerumen
Consists of smooth muscles that hold boconvex? ciliary body
The posterior compartment of the eye is filled with? vitreous humor
Our ear canal is known as? external auditory meatus
The colored part of the eye is called? iris
In front of the lens is the anterior compartment that is filled with what kind of fluid? aqueous humor
This tube opens up into the pharynx and premits air pressure to be equalized between the middle ear and outside ear? eustachian tube
The outermost layer of the eye is called? sclera
It's the second layer and contains numerous blood vessels and pigment cells? choroid
The innermost layer of the eye is known as? retina
True or False: The wall of the eye is composed of three layer? True
Elevations of the tongue that detect taste stimuli are called? papillae
This is sensory and conveys impulses related to smell? olfactory nerve
A mixed nerve controlling of the eyeball and impulses to muscle sense? trochlear nerve
A mixed nerve controlling movement of the eyeballs? abducens nerve
Controlling chewing movements and impulses related to touch and pain? trigeminal nerve
Controls the muscles of facial expressions? facial nerve
Transmits impulses related to equilibrium and hearing? vestiblocochlear nerve
Controls skeletal movements in the pharynx, larynx and palate? vagus nerve
This helps controlling swallowing and movements of the head? accessory nerve
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