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MA final study guide

MA final/State guide

The container that houses the specimen must include information about when the specimen was taken, by whom, etc. This is covered under what QA component? Specimen identification
Which position should the patient be instructed to lie in for the doctor to examine the chest, heart, extremities, breasts, or abdomen? Supine
Which of the following is one of the most common blood tests for kidney functions? BUN
The bank prepares this check as a substitute for a regular check in case the drawer forgets his or her checkbook. Counter check
What is dyspnea shortness of breath
What type of pulse is assessed on the wrist side of the arm Radial pulse
Sending a patient a bill each month for medical services he/she received is known as what? Monthly billing
Which of the following would most likely be the result of the use of a very tight tourniquet? Inaccurate test results
This modifier explains bilateral procedures. What is it? 50
When someone is experiencing dysphoria, what are the symptoms? Depressed, melancholy mood
Quality control in the laboratory is ________ responsibility. the medical assistants
What is the normal respiration rate for a child 7 to 14 years old? 15 to 25
Components of radiation safety is a lead shield for: The patient
The blood type A means the patient has what serum antibodies(ies)? Anti- B
What type of item is a skin sensor used to capture or monitor electrical activity of various organs? electrode
Hepatitis B and Rubella are examples diseases that are caused by: Viruses
What is the second step in the venipuncture process? identify the arm the patient prefers
What is a leiomyoma? Benign tumor in smooth muscle
If someone is exposed to potentially infectious blood or body fluids, the incident must be reported _________ to supervisor and employee health personnel. Immediately
What is a function of the skeletal system produces hard keratinized structure or "nails"
Which lab results need to be communicated to the provider immediately? Critical value
What defines medication given sublingually? Beneath the tongue and dissolves
What is the medical term for the lack of color to the skin or paleness? Pallor
If a patient in New Jersey requests a 3:00pm call back from a MA in Georgia, what time would the MA call? 3:00 pm
A laryngoscope is an instrument used most commonly by a specialist in: Otolaryngologist
Information in a patients chart about why he is seeking medical care is generally listed under what section of the chart? Chief complaint
What is not a step in a wound specimen collection process? Disinfecting the wound
What medical disease can a spirometry be used for? pulmonary disease
Determining where the document should be filed and deciding on a filing caption is what part of the filing process Indexing
A patient needs a return appointment to discuss laboratory or x-ray findings with the physician or provider. What should the MA do? Call the lab to find out when the results will be available then set the appointment based on that date
An insurance coverage that provides a specific monthly or weekly income when an individual becomes unable to work because of an illness or injury is: Disability income insurance
What is a precursor of platelets? Megakaryocyte
Thumping or striking the patient's skin with the hand is what approach to massage therapy? percussion
What is the order of draw? yellow or blood culture, light blue, gold, green, lavender, gray
What is the amount of air that a person is able to forcibly exhale after taking a deep breath? FVC
High levels of bilirubin will cause which of the following condition? jaundice
What is the bleach solution used to disinfect? one part bleach to ten parts water 1:10
What is the most important thing you can ask a patient prior to a diagnostic imaging test or procedure? do you have any known allergies
Is the CXR test a mobility test? NO
What part of the pelvic girdle is a superior wing-shaped portion of hip bones? ilium
Why use the foot as the puncture site for a blood specimen in infants? The heel is soft and no injury to bones
You are assisting with a medical procedure. The physician leaves the room and some bleeding starts at the surgical site. What do you do to control the bleeding/hemorrhage? apply direct pressure
An elderly lady is in the office with general edema and complaints of dyspnea on exertion and pulmonary congestion. You see where she previously diagnosed with CHF. What does that tells us? (CHF) Congestive heart failure results from decreased blood circulation
What is necessary to balance a checkbook? A monthly bank statement
What drug has the generic name, Metoprolol Toprol-XL
What is another name for the atria ventricular (AV) valve? Tricuspid valve
Acyclovir is used to prevent or treat which of the following? Viral infection
Testing for urobilinogen and porphyrins requires a(n) Amber container
What disorder of the heart results in rapid, uncoordinated contractions and may be of atrial nature or ventricle nature? fibrillation
Which part of the accounts receivable is a listing by individual patient names of all monies owed to the practice ? Accounts receivable ledger
The MA is responsible for scheduling appointments and overseeing the daily log and: keeping the appointment book secure because it is a legal document
What is the common root that means "neck of an organ" or "neck"? cervic/o
When collecting a throat swab what do you not touch with the swab. Tongue, cheeks, or teeth
The medical term for the top of the head or the crown is: vertex
Of the following, what does -ectasis mean? dilation; swelling
Of the following, which is within the normal range of bodily temperature for an infant? 97.7 to 99.5*F
What is/are the serum antibodies for blood type B? Anti-A
The prefix myo- refers to which of the following? muscle
What do morphological studies asses? abnormal size, shape, content, color of cells
Which type of bandage wrapping provides support for the area? Circular
What does the doctor need to be given along with the lab results? Patient chart
What requires a sterile technique? Surgical
What medication is an agent that blocks parasympathetic nerve impulse? anticholinergic
What type of anesthesia is not used in minor surgergical procedures performed in most medical offices? general
What is defined as the "forceful passive movement of a joint to determine the range of motion"? Manipulation
What patient chart information includes questions about usual childhood diseases? Past medical history
What is not part of patient education regarding protection of the skin? do not use perfumed lotion on skin with eczema
What is important for the MA to know about a patient who is receiving a throat culture? will need to use a tongue depressor to get a good specimen
Which of the following is not a CLIA waived test? Step A, Urine pregnancy test, CBC, or ESR? Complete blood count / CBC
What describes the delivery of a letter with a parcel? Mixed class
Urine collected partway through the elimination process is known as: midstream catch
The times for making collection calls are governed by what? State law
Numeric, alphabetic and color-coding are all methods of what procedure? patient record filing
Assets = Liabilities + Owner's equity
What should be in place concerning medical emergencies in a facility? The medical office should have special plans that are unique to their patient population
Why do we use the foot as a puncture site on infants? will avoid injury to bones
What is the correct response when a crucial part of an instrument is changed? Recalibration
What is the coding range for radiology? 70000 to 79999
What accessory digestive organ is the largest gland in the body that is located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity? Liver
Which joint movement involves moving away from the body midline, such as spreading the arms? abduction
What does -tome mean? instrument used to cut
What type of wound is a jagged traumatic cut resulting in an irregular wound edge? laceration
According to the established guidelines for discarding medical waste, how should capillary pipets be disposed of? biohazard sharps container
A patient with a temp of 39*C is converted to _______ Fahrenheit 102.2* F
A rectal temperature is _____________ than oral temperature one degree higher than oral temperature
The MA knows what concerning assessing the infant? weigh naked, measure head with flexible tape measure, measure length at each appointment
Which of the following regions of the body is the physician referring to when he tells you to apply ointment to the "sacral" region of the body? the lower spine
What represents the binary value of 1 when an electrical charge is present? Bit
BID stands for twice a day
TID stands for three times a day
QID stands for four times a day
What is an off label use for beta blockers? anxiety
What does entero refer to The intestine
Which of the following types of casts is inflated and can easily be removed air cast
What is the sixth step of the accounting process? prepare trial balance
What is the second step in the capillary puncture process? Rub and clean with antiseptic
What type of surgical procedure would be used to remove cervical lesions? cryosurgery
Patients with what type of symptoms should be scheduled within 24 hours? Acute symptoms
Poliomyelitis affects which body system? Nervous
What is the medical term for double vision? Diplopia
Gas, Salve, spray, powder, which is not a form of inhalation method medication? Salve
_______ is the federal insurance program established in 1965 under the Social Security Act (Title 18)? Medicare
This is the normal range for insulin testing? <17 uU/mL
What is the point of the needle Sharpened end of the shaft
The massage therapy approach that is defined as squeezing, kneading, or pressing the patient's soft tissues? compression
What tests can not be performed using capillary whole blood samples? coagulation studies, blood cultures
What occurs when there is an abnormally low level of white cells? leukopenia
What is the term for uncoordinated twitching of muscle fibers? Fibrillation
A normal fasting blood glucose range is: 70 to 110 mg/dl
A patient who has chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, and blood in stool most likely has what? Crohns disease
What does a diffusion test determine? the amount of oxygen in the lungs
What will result in an enlarged thyroid gland? Lack of iodine
A patient tested positive for Creatine kinase, what does this indicate? Muscular dystrophies
A sudden return of elevated temperature to normal indicates: a fever in crisis
Which cell are responsible for bone resorption and remodeling? Osteoclasts
What arrhythmia seen on an electrocardiogram involves every other beat being ectopic and/or premature? Bigeminy
What is section 1 (white) of the PDR? Manufacturer's Index
What does the physician use a percussion hammer for? Neurologic examination
Which of the following is the preferred abbreviation for subcutaneous? SQ
What is the SOAP approach in the "Problem oriented medical record" method of chart organization? A way of noting a patient's progress
Sterilization in an autoclave takes place at what temperature degrees Celsius? 120*C to 130*C
The patient's complaint of heavy menstural flow at regular intervals would be documented in the medical record as: Menorrhagia
The physician says an area of a patient's body is prominent. What does he or she mean by this? Conspicuous or outstanding
What drug has the generic name, Propionate/Salmeterol? Advair
Fines can reach as high as what for the violation of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act? $70,000
What are the parts of the middle ear? The malleus, incus, and stapes
A urine microscopy is what type of test? Moderate complexity
V2 is located where? Left sternal margin
functions of the integumentary system are: prevents dehydration, controls body temp, eliminates waste products
When giving a Rocephin shot the MA should: wash hands, clean site, massage injection site
What type of sample goes from the lungs to a container sputum
Speculums, tuning forks, and laryngeal scopes are all: medical instruments
What is the Trendelenburg's position? Lie flat on the back with head lower than legs.
Zolpidem is the generic name for what drug? Ambien
In the 12 lead test, what is placed in the fourth intercostal at the right sternal boarder? V1
What describes a supercomputer? Large, complex computer system that can perform rapid and complex functions.
Medications that provide pain relief without sedation belong in what category? Analgesic
What does a nasal swab test determine? Staphylococcal colonization
What coding system is used to code a medical diagnosis or disease condition? ICD-10-CM
What dermatological agent is used to soothe skin and mucous membranes? Emollient
What type of diabetes is non insulin dependent type 2 diabetes
What is the recommended room temperature for a medical facility? 72* F is standard room temperature
What is the clear portion of the blood that composes 55% of whole blood is: Plasma
What should a new patient bring to their first appointment? Photo ID, insurance card, and list of medications
An abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cavities and cells of the body is known as: Edema
An abnormal decrease in the rate and depth of respiration is: Hypopnea
The medication type that is used to decrease fever is known as: Antipyretic
What percentage of muscle nerves are motor? 60%
When an HMO hires physicians and pays them a salary to provide medical services, what HMO model is being implemented? Staff
What nerves connect the viscera to the central nervous system ANS neurons
An insurer's computer and medical office computer must be compatible with electronic claims transmission
What is formed in urine when protein accumulates and hardens in the lumen of the tubules that make up the nephron casts
What is a granuloma A localized nodular inflammation
If an unidentified person calls the office and demands to speak with the physician, what should the MA do? politely ask for a name and number so the call can be returned
Providers are required by law to report certain persons to the authorities. What is an example of a reportable suspicion? elder abuse, child abuse
QC records should be saved for: 2 years
A blood glucose is what level of testing? Waived
What is podagra? acute gouty arthritis
This type of check is considered a "substitute check" because it is generally used when an individual wants to withdraw money from his/her bank account but forgets his/her checkbook counter check
The "P" of the SOAP method deals with: plan of action
Klebsiella pneumoniae is gram positive or gram negative? gram negative
The normal temperature for an adult who's temp is taken aurally is the same as if it were taken in what manner? Orally
The medical term that means occurring or appearing at regular intervals is: periodic
What is the medical term that means dropping of an internal part and usually refers to the uterus or rectum? prolapse
What syndrome is a chronic musculoskeletal condition characterized by widespread pain, has no cure, and no known cause. Affects 3.7 million people of all ages. fibromyalgia
What are complications of IV therapy infiltration, hematomas, infections
What means the erythrocyte has been fragmented during circulation? Schistocyte
What is proper capillary blood collection techniques While away the first drop of blood, avoid bubbles if using a tube
What drug is used to slow or inhibit blood clotting anticoagulant
The sagittal plane is ________ to the median Parallel
Part of the patient examination is the obtainment of medical related histories. Which part of this involves the patient's past and current personal habits and is sometimes difficult to obtain? social and environmental history
The route of administration for medication that involves putting medication into the bladder via a catheter is: the urethral route
What is the term for an abnormal, painful, prolonged penile erection? priapism
What are the specific chemical constituents of the cell with which a drug interacts to produce its pharmacological effects? The receptors
What is the best method of collection from an access? syringe and needle
Septicemia represents what type of infection generalized
Three types samples for testing hair fungus are: scraping the scalp, pulling hairs from scalp, scales
According to OSHA, what should be the second step followed if an exposure incident of blood borne pathogens occurs? Document the route of exposure
How can a medical assistant make it easier for visually impaired patients during their visit? use descriptive language and details
A patient who has immunodeficiency would be described as: "without adequate production of immune bodies"
What is used when a large amount of blood is needed from a patient venipuncture
What carries blood away from the heart? Arteries
What is the outer portion of the disc between the vertebrae? Annulus
Of the following, which outlines the serum antibody(ies) for blood type AB? None
A check drawn on an account that does not have enough money for the amount of the check is called: a NSF check
What term refers to the amount the insured must pay before insurance benefits cover the cost of medical services deductible
What is the type of IV tubing that delivers approximately 15 drops of solution per milliliter? macrodrop
What is the HUB of the needle? the part of the needle that connects to the syringe
What does QID mean four times a day
What glands are connected to the hair follicles located in the dermis and secretes sebum to lubricate hair and skin sebaceous gland
What organ is affected by nephritis The kidneys
Which of the following are firm connective tissues that is found primarily in the joints, thorax walls, larynx, airway passages, and ears? cartilage
Which of the following coding systems "report medical services to the Medicare program"? Health Care Common Procedural ICD-9-CM
When a physical filing system is used, which organizational tool will show when a file is missing and where a file goes? OUTguide
When collecting information regarding a patient's pain, what does it mean that the medical assistant should "provoke"? Get the patient to reveal what's causing the pain
The physician says a patients uric acid is 12.2 , you know the normal range is 3.5 to 7.5 mg/dL
What medications may be ordered fro a 54 yer old postmenopausal woman: Provera, Premarin, and Calcium Citrate
What is kyphosis? A humped back
The physician tells you to give a medication via the sublingual route, this means it is given: placed under the tongue
What described the "objective data" of the SOAP method? The provider's exam and diagnostic testing
In the pegboard system, when is it not necessary to give a receipt? mailed payment
When irrigation of an eye, what is held under the eye at the level of the cheek to prevent the patient from getting soiled or wet during the procedure? an emesis basin
What is the modifier used for third party mandated services? 32
What is the modifier that is used for unusual anesthesia 23
What is the modifier used for bilateral procedures 50
What is the modifier used for discontinued procedures 53
What is an incident where an MA may have to assist in administering intravenous glucose would be if the patient is in: insulin shock
A badgelike meter that the radiology personnel wears to measure the individual's exposure to radiation is called the: dosimeter
The MA knows that the root term for digit, finger, or toe is: dactylo
Plasma makes up what percentage of the body's total blood volume 55%
What is the mail classification generally used for packages and printed material weighing 1 to 70 lbs? fourth class
What does not belong on a labeled specimen patient symptoms
The process of inhibiting or controlling the growth of bacteria is known as what? bacteriostasis
What must be monitored to find the rhythm of the heart? ventricles and atria
What type of ligature is a material that dissolves in the body and is often used for internal suturing? catgut
When determining quality control, what is the statistic that describes dispersion around the mean? standard deviation
What type of test involves the use of an exercise bicycle or treadmill to evaluate the heart for disease Stress test
Wha type of test is a noninvasive procedure and examines the kidneys to detect abnormalities or to clarify findings from other tests a renal ultrasound
When the physician says a patient has edema it means: the patient has swelling
How is pertussis transmitted Contact with respiratory droplets
What is the acid substance in the stomach responsible for the break down of connective tissue in the food that is ingested? hydrochloric acid and pepsin
What should be done to a non-disposable tourniquet soon after it is used on a patient? It should be cleaned with a disinfectant such as alcohol
Diabeta is used to treat the pancreas
What does the standard abbreviation Sx refer to? Symptoms
Stool for guaiac testing should start at age 40 and be done annually
What is released into the bloodstream when muscles are damaged? myoglobin
What is the expected pulse rate range for an athlete? 50 to 70 / min
Urine should be transported in a sterile container
Blood obtained from a tube that does not have an anticoagulant clotted blood
clotted blood that stands and is then centrifuged is serum
blood obtained from a tube that has an anticoagulant whole blood
whole blood that has been centrifuged is plasma
caffeine, nicotine, physical exertion, stimulants, and illegal substances all do what to the patient's pulse temporarily increase
What is the name of the membranes that lubricate the lungs Visceral pleura
What is the best time to collect a specimen for an AFB culture? in the morning
What does the standard abbreviation HS mean? Bedtime
Adrenergics are also known as what? Sympathomimetics
When collecting a stool specimen the MA will refrigerate the specimen to prevent bacterial growth
When calling a patient to confirm an appointment what do you NOT leave on the answering machine? reason for the appointment
Name the body position which is commonly used for examination of the posterior and administrator of intramuscular injections on adults in which the patient lies on the stomach? prone position
What exercise therapy types utilizes the application of counterpressure? Active resistance
0.01 represents centi
Crisp sounds in a blood pressure increase in what phase Phase 3
what is the opposite or contradiction to an EKG reading cardiac arrest
The discount given to indigent patients is called charity allowance
Bacillus causes tuberculosis
Zoloft is used to treat depression
Repolarization is the recovering phase of the cardiac cycle
Brachialis connects the humerus and ulna
_________-- is 55 percent of total blood volume and is straw colored plasma
typhoid fever is spread by fecal to oral route
Spirometry is used to evaluate lung capacity
SOAP charting, what is the subjective data? Patients signs and symptoms
BPH stands for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
24hr urines need to be kept refrigerated
a medical power of attorney is a type of advanced directive
hypoglossal nerve controls the movement of the tongue
right arm lead wire color white
subjective descriptions, health indicators, complaints are symptoms
if a control value consistently runs on one side of the mean it is a shift
which intramuscular injection prevents leakage of medication z track
palliative medication relieves symptoms
auscultation is the process of listening via stethoscope
if a secondary Iv is attached to primary IV it is called a piggyback infusion
morphine, boxy, ritalin, demerol are schedule ________ meds schedule ll
blood, urine, spinal fluids, tissue, and bodily fluids being measured for chemical components go to what department clinical chemistry
SOMR stands for Source oriented medical records
emesis means vomitting
otoscope examines external ear canal and tympanic membrane
allis tissue forceps are used to grasp tissues, muscles, or skin
ear irrigation is done by pulling up and back for child, down and forward for adults
the lag phase is the first phase of the healing process
pectoral muscle is found in the chest
diaphoresis, confusion, and decreased blood sugar reading are part of insulin shock
access specimens need to be transported in anaerobic transport
water is what compound inorganic compound
when red blood cells die they become bilirubin
1024 bytes represents kilobyte
Radial pulse is taken in the wrist
the preferred bandage for pressure on a wound is elastic bandage
An irregular pulse rate and rhythm is arrhythmia
Title 19 of the social security act established medicaid
Synthroid is used to treat thyroid
If a PT files chapter 13 what do we do with their bill send it to lawyer
calc/I stands for stone
calibration verification is the running of three standards every six months
popliteal pulse is located behind the knee
what color is the right leg electrode green
-stomy means creation of an opening
an antitussive is used to treat coughing
the sim's position is lying on side arm behind body and leg slightly flexed
Induced sputum is not a good sample for bacteria
A certificate of waiver is for labs that perform waived testing only
The fourth and final stage of the AIDS cycle is AIDS
if an instrument cannot be put in autoclave it is sterilized by chemical sterilization
infectious waist has to be disposed of in a leak proof container
an example of a latent infection is herpes virus
a 25g-27g needle that is 1/2 to 5/8ths inches is used for subcutaneous injections
Premarin is a ovarian agent/medication
arthro refers to joints
How does an MA secure prescription pads lock them up and protect the signature stamp
DRG is a prospective fixed medicare hospital fee structure based on diagnosis
facial expressions are important when in person or on the phone
Rrhexis stands for narrowing
protonix is a proton pump inhibitor
infiltration means an IV line has blown or is leaking into the skin tissues
A fenestrated steril drape covers a patient with a hole opening where surgery will be performed
platelets are used to clot blood
Glacoma is a common disorder resulting in damaged optic nerve
the gallbladder secrets bile in digestion
there are how many tarsal bones 7
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