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Haney medterm c5

Haney medterm c5-CL

What is the study of the skin? Dermatology
What is the outtermost layer of the skin? Epidermis
What is the middle layer of the skin? Dermis
What is the innermost layer of the skin? Subcutaneous tissue
What is the visible part of the nail? Nail body
What is the fold in the skin at the base of the nail Cuticle
What is cerumen? Ear wax
What is diaphoresis? The secretion of sweat
What is a hair shaft? The visible part of the hair
What is a lipocyte? A fat cell
What are melanocytes? Cells responsible for producing melanin
What is a laceration? A tear in the skin
What is onychomycosis? Any fungal infection of the nails
What is onychophagia? The habit of biting the nails
What is pachyderma? Abnormal thickening of the skin
What is a papule? A small, solid, circumscribed elevation on the skin
What is pediculosis? Infestation of lice
What is a petechia? Small, pinpoint hemorrhages of the skin
What is pruritus? Itching
What is stratified? Arranged in layers
What is a stratum? A uniformly thick sheet or layer of cells
What is a sudoriferous gland? A sweat gland
What is a xanthoderma? Any yellow coloration of the skin
What is a bulla? A large blister
What is a fissure? A cracklike sore or groove in the skin or mucous membrane
What appears on the skin with a second-degree burn? A blister
What is hyperkeratosis? An overgrowth of the horny layer of the epidermis
What is tinea capitis? Ringworm of the scalp
What is tinea cruris? Ringworm of the groin
What is tinea pedis? Ringworm of the foot
What is cautery? Heat or caustic substances that burn and scar the skin
What is a dermatoplasty? Skin trasplantation to a body surface damaged by injury or disease
What is an escharotomy? An incision made into necrotic tissue resulting from a severe burn
What is the basal layer? The deepest of the five layers of skin
What is a blister? A small, thin-walled, skin lesion containing clear fluid
What is a cyanosis? A condition of a bluish dicoloration of the skin
What is an abscess? A localized collection of pus in any part of the body
What is an amputation? The surgical removal of a part of the body or a limb or a part of a limb
What is a contusion? An injury to a part of the body without a break in the skin
What is erythremia? An abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells
What is a hair follicle? The tiny tube within the dermis that contains the root of a hair shaft
What is a hair root? The portion of a strand of hair that is embedded in the hair follicle
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