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BPA 111

Basic Culinary

Jardiniere Mixed vegetables cut into batons
Cheveau Hair like cut for potatoe 1/32 X 1/32 X 2 inches.
Ciseler Thin cuts like Chiffonade but refers to scoring of the skin for fish and poultry.
minced Finely Chopped
Hacher Resembles mincing, no real measurements.
Broil To cook with radiant heat from above
Blanch To par cook
Bread To coat
Broast To deep fat fry under pressure
Caramelize To brown a product's natural sugars
Concasser Roughly chopped vegetables usually, peeled, seeded, and diced (tomatoes)
Clarify To remove impurities
Cream 1) To mix ingredients well2) To add cream
Dredge To drag flour
Dice To cut into cubes
Paysanne Peasant or Country Style
Clamart Garnighed with or containing peas
Deglaze To reconstitute the drippings (fond) on the bottom of a pan
Emincer A small, thin cut of boneless meat. Slices 1/8"-1/4" thick
Supreme skinless segment of citrus fruit.
Doria Garnish with Cucumber
Dubarry Garnish with Cauliflower
Fire To put on the fire
Garnish To decorate before presentation
Grill To cook with radiant heat from below
Griddle To cook directly on a flat range top
Glaze To coat or make shiny
Florentine Garnish with Spinach
Persille Garnish with Parsley
Lard To insert strips of fat into a piece of meat
Princess Garnish with Aspargus
Marinate To soak a product in liquid in order to tenderize, preserve, or add flavor
Par-boil To partially cook in boiling water
Poach To cook in liquid below a simmer (160*-185*)
Rest To allow fibers in roasted meats to relax
Simmer To cook in liquid at a gentle boil (186*-205*)
Sear To brown on all sides, to seal in juices
Singer To sprinkle with flour
To soak in hot water, to extract flavor
Smother To cook covered in a sauce or liquid
Sweat To cook in fat with out coloring
Saute To cook quickly in a small amount of fat
Tourner To shape vegies like a football or barrel with seven sides
Truss To tie
Whip To beat air into product
Pont Neuf Large Dice
Pommes Frites Medium Dice
Batonnet Small Dice
Julienne Brunoise ( 1/16" strips)
Fine Julienne Fine Brunoise (1/16" dices)
Mince Less that 1/16"
Torne To turn
Miseen Place Items organized for service
Ecumer Skimming Scum
Degraser Skimming Fat
Depouiller Skimming Skin
Created by: etroscinski