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Haney MedTerm c11

Haney Medterm c11-HC

What is external respiration Oxygen is inhaled into the lungs
What is internal respiration Oxygen you inhale circulates from the pulmonary bloodstream in the lungs, back to the heart, to the systemic bloodstream
What two ways does air enter the body Nose and Mouth
What are the hair like projections on the mucous membranes Cilia
Whats another name for your throat Pharynx
What does your larynx do Contains structures that make vocal sounds possible
Whats another name for your trachea Windpipe
Whats another name for your alveoli Air sacs
Whats your uppermost part of your lung called Apex
Whats is the lower part of your lung called Base
What is the outer later of the pleura Parietal pleura
What is the inner most layer of the pleura Visceral pleura
What is the space between the lungs called Mediasinum
What are capillaries Network of tiny blood vessels
What is the diaphragm Seperates the throratic cavity from the abdominal cavity
What is exhalation Air is being forced out of the lungs
What are the two main branches leading from the trachea to the lungs Bronchi
What is pain in the larynx Laryngalgia
What is the enlarged upper end of the trachea below the root of the tongue Larynx
What are the external nostrils Nares
What is the name of the nerve that is known as the motor nerve to the diaphgram Phrenic nerve
What is the double folded membrane that lines the thoratic cavity Pleura
What is your septum A wall that divides two cavities
What is another name for your chest Thorax
What is apenea Temporary cessation of breathing
What is abnormally slow breathing Bradypnea
What is dysphonia Difficulty speaking
What is epistaxis Hemorrhage from the nose
What is hypercapinia Increase amount of carbon dioxide in the blood
What is hypoxemia Insufficient oxygenation of the blood
What is hypoxia Deficiency of oxygen
What is pleural rub Frition fub caused by inflammation of the pleural space
What is rhinorrhea Thin water discharge from the nose
What is rhonchi Rales of rattlings in the throat
What is tachypnea Abnormal rapidity of breathing
What is another name for the common cold Coryza
What is empyema Pus in a body cavity
What is pleuritis Inflammation of the viscereal and parietal pleura
What is pneumonia Inflammation of the lungs caused by bacteria, virusis, and chemical irritants
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