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Cosmetology Sem. Ex - Question/Answer Part 2

Establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry in a design is called balance
The reqular pulsation or recurrent pattern or movement in a design is the: rhythm
The two defining characteristics of hair type are: wave patterns and hair texture
Any client with an infectious disease should not be treated and should be referred to a: physician
The facial shape that is considered to be ideal is the: oval face
Shampoo that can leave the hair dry and brittle and cause fading in color-treated hair is: high PH shampoo
Water is the most abundant and important element on Earth and is classified as a(n) universal solvent
The water purification process used in the manufacture of cosmetics where water is heated to a vapor then collected as a liquid is: disillation
The main ingredient of most shampoos is: water
The lipophilic tail of a surfactant molecule is considered to be: oil attracting
Shampoos that contain special chemicals or drugs that are effective in reducing excessive dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions are: medicated shampoos
When providing a scalp massage, use the length of the fingers, fingertip balls, and the cushions of the: palms
Poor women in ancient Rome colored their hair: black
In acient Rome, middle-class women colored their hair: blond
The salon industry depends heavily on its relationships with product distributors, which are referred to as: Distributor Sales Consultants
Your license will unlock countless doors for employment; however, your career will be fueled with: personal dedication and passion
The key to alleviating musculoskeletal disorders and back injuries is: prevention
The art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair, and the study of cosmetics and their application is called: Cosmetology
Hairstyles should_______________the client's good points and ____________ the poor features. accentuate, minimize
Define personal hygiene. the daily maintenance of cleanliness and healthfulness.
List four items that a good physical presentation prevents. muscle aches, back strain, discomfort, fatigue
Define ethics. the study of standards of conduct and moral judgement
Bacteria are also know as: germs
Name the two types of bacteria. pathogenic, nonpathogenic
Name two kinds of infections. local and general
A boil or a pimple is an example of a _______ infection. local
List the three main levels of decontamination. sterilization, disinfection, sanitation
Where should disinfectants not be used? human skin, hair, nails
Before soaking in a disinfecting solution, all implements should be throughly __________. cleaned
The name of the protein that hair is made of is: keratin
The club-shaped structure in the lower root. bulb
Hair flowing in the same direction. Hair stream
Involuntary muscle. arrector pili
Hair that forms a circular pattern. whorl
Tubelike depression that encases the hair root. follicle
Oil that gives luster and pliability. sebum
Cone-shaped elevation located at the bottom of the follicle. dermal papilla
A tuft of hair standing up. cowlick
Oil gland. sebaceous gland
Alternate bands of gray and dark hair. ringed hair
Split hair ends. trichoptilosis
Gray hair at birth. congential canities
Knotted hair. trichorrhexis nodosa
Brittle hair. fragilitas crinium
Superfluous hair. hypertrichosis
Gray hair due to old age. acquired canities
Beaded hair. monilethrix
Created by: mstiny_s
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