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Chapter 1


-ac ak Pertaining to cardiac
-al a Pertaining to skeletal
-ar ar Pertaining to muscular
-ary ar-ee Pertaining to pulmonary
-eal ee-al Pertaining to esophageal
-ic ik Pertaining to medic
-tic tik Pertaining to neurotic
-ous us Pertaining to subcutaneous
-ia ee-ah Condition pneumonia
-ism iz-um Condition autism
-ium ee-um tissue, structure pericardium
-y ee   condition, procedure hypertrophy
-icle ik-el small   ventricle
-ole ohl Small arteriole
-ule yool Small pustule
-ula yoo-lah Small uvula
-iatrics ee-AH-triks -iatry AI-ah-tree medical science pediatrics psychiatry
-iatrist EE-ah-trist specialist in medicine of psychiatrist
-ist ist specialist dentist
-logist loh-jist specialist in the study of psychologist
-logy loh-jee study of psychology
-algia AL-jah pain myalgia
-dynia DAI-nee-ah Pain gastrodynia
-cele SEEL hernia (a bulging of tissue into an area where it doesn’t belong) hydrocele
-emia EE-mee-ah blood condition leukemia
-iasis AI-ah-sis presence of lithiasis
-itis AI-tis inflammation arthritis
-lysis lih-sis loosen, break down hemolysis
-malacia mah-LAY-shah abnormal softening osteomalacia
-megaly MEH-gah-lee enlargement hepatomegaly
-oid OYD resembling keloid
-oma OH-mah tumor melanoma
-osis OH-sis condition thrombosis
-pathy pah-thee disease myopathy
-penia PEE-nee-ah deficiency leukopenia
-ptosis puh-TOH-sis drooping nephroptosis
-rrhage RIJ excessive flow hemorrhage
-rrhagia RAY-jee-ah excessive flow menorrhagia
-rrhea REE-ah flow diarrhea
rrhexis REK-sis rupture metrorrhexis
-spasm SPAZ-um involuntary contraction myospasm
-centesis sin-TEE-sis puncture amniocentesis
-gram gram written record cardiogram
-aph graf instrument used to produce a record cardiograph
-graphy grah-fee process of recording cardiography
-meter mee-ter instrument used to measure cephalometer
-metry meh-tree process of measuring cephalometry
-scope skohp instrument used to look arthroscope
-scopy skoh-pee process of looking arthroscopy
-desis DEE-sis binding, fixation arthrodesis
-ectomy EK-toh-mee removal vasectomy
-pexy PEK-see surgical fixation retinopexy
-plasty PLAS-tee reconstruction rhinoplasty
-rrhaphy rah-fee suture herniorrhaphy
-stomy stoh-mee creation of an opening colostomy
-tomy toh-mee incision dermotomy
Created by: NayNay22931
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