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voluntarily refrain from something Abstain
to be responsible Accountable
sudden , intense Acute
hold fast or stick together Adhere
undesired, possibly harmful Adverse
uncertain, having contradictory feelings Ambivalent
to walk Ambulate
to place, put on , or spread something Apply
to give consent, agree Assent
able to be heard Audible
single -celled, microscopic organisms Bacteria
present on two sides Bilateral
relating to the heart Cardiac
opening or empty area Cavity
come to an end, bring to an end Cease
lasting or recurring over a long period of time Chronic
order of events as they occured Chronology
offsetting or making up for something Compensatory
rounded inward Concave
brief, or to the point Concise
present at birth Congenital
degree of viscosity, how thick or thin a fluid is , or how it flows Consistency
draw together or become smaller Constrict
dependant Contingent
reason something is not advisable, or should not be done Contraindiction
having or causing convulsions Convulsive
quick, perfunctory, not thorough Cursory
expel feces Defecate
press downward Depress
downward measurement from a surface Depth
worsening Deteriorating
identification of an injury or disease Diagnosis
spread over a large area, generalized Diffuse
to enlarge or expand Dilate
to make a liquid less concentrated Dilute
distinct, seperate Discrete
distant, away from the center Distal
enlarged or expanded from pressure Distended
impaired or abnormal functioning Dysfunction
ability to share what others are feeling Empathy
balance Equilibrium
the origin or cause of a disease or condition Etiology
to make worse or more severe Exacerbate
to come in contact Exposure
lengthening, unbending joint Extension
resulting in death Fatal
extreme tiredness, exhaustion Fatigue
related to or caused by fever Febrile
bending of a joint Flexion
reddened or ruddy appearance Flushed
of or relating to the stomach Gastrointestinal
relating to blood Hematologic
maintenance of body fluid balance Hydration
measures contributing to cleanliness and good health Hygiene
diminished or lacking some usual quality or level Impaired
occurring in the near future, about to happen Impending
impenetrable, not allowing anything to pass through Impervious
to suggest without explicitly stating Imply
Occurrence Incidence
contamination or invasion of body tissue Infection
to conclude or deduce Infer
reddened, swollen, warm and often tender Inflamed
to swallow Ingest
to begin or put into practice Initiate
so gradual as to not become apparent for a long time Insidious
in place, unharmed Intact
to insert a tube into something Intubate
inserting or entering into a body part Invasive
of or related to movement Kinetic
changing rapidly and often Labile
cut, tear Laceration
present but not active or visible Latent
on the side Lateral
difficult to arouse Lethargic
an indication or sign of a condition Manifestation
of or relating to the muscle and skelton Muscleskelton
of or relating to the nervous system Neurologic
of or relating to the nervous system and the blood vessels Neurovascular
substance or ingredient that provides nourishment Nutrient
closed or obstructed Occluded
continous Ongoing
mouth Oral
of the ear Otic
a characteristics or constant factors, limit Parameter
open Patent
causing or able to cause disease Pathogenic
processes, causes, and effects of a disease Pathology
Located behind: in the back Posterior
producing a strong effect Potent
capable of occurring or likely to occur Potential
preventive measure Precaution
rapid, uncontrolled Precipitous
to make more susceptible or more likely to occur Predispose
already present Preexisting
first or most significant Primary
of great importance Priority
the anticipated or expected course of an outcome Prognosis
the underlying reason Rationale
to occur again Recur
relating to the kidneys Renal
remaining, continuing Residual
inhalation and exhalation of air Respiration
to hold or keep Retain
condition Status
under the skin Subcutaneous
under the tongue Sublingual
to take in addition too or complete Supplement
to stop or subdue Supress
being equal or the same Symmetric
and indication of a problem Symptom
group of symptoms that when occurring together reflect a specific disease or disorder Syndrome
of or relating to the treatment of a disease or disorder Therapeutic
causing harm, poisonous Toxic
crossing through the skin Transdermal
transfer, such as of a disease of one person to another Transmission
injury, wound Trama
process used to determine the priority of treatment for patients according to the severity of a patients condition and the likelihood of benefit from the treatment Triage
being or seeming to be everywhere Ubiquitous
excrete or expel urine Urinate
relating to blood vessels Vascular
extremely harmful or severe Virulent
microscopic infectious agent capable of replicating only in living cells, usually causing infectious disease Virus
essential Vital
amount of space occupied by a fluid Volume
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