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Pre test

What typically does not cause an artifact in the tracing of an electrocardiograph Relaxed PT
In electrocardiography the electrode used as ground is RL
Normal bacteria that are found in the intestinal tract are the most common cause of lower track urinary infections are <I>E.coli<\i>
The signs and symptoms of IDDM ( insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus )do not include Weight gain
To obtain the most accurate rate, RESPIRATIONS should be counted for 60 seconds
The most common arterial site for obtaining an adult pulse is Radial
A sudden attack such as that observed in epilepsy is known as Seizures
The average pulse for an adult at resting is in the range of 60-80
A marked drop in blood pressure is found with Shock
Which of the following is not associated with insulin-dependent mellitus Type ll
A urine specimen collected over a specific period of time for quantitative analysis is Timed
Which of the following best represents the major areas of urinalysis Physical, chemical, microscope
Palpating the veinupucture site Contributes to the assessment of the size and depth of the vein
Which one of the following test identifies the organism associated with a urinary tract infection Culture and sensitivity
The most common blood type is O+
A urine pregnancy test checks for the presence of HCG
A greenish - brown urine may be indicate of Hepatitis
The preanalytical phase of laboratory procedures refers to The laboratory testing phase in which tests are ordered and specimens are collected and prepared for testing
Of the following what is the most appropriate patient position for a veinupucture Sitting in a chair
A normal color of urine is Straw
After putting gloves on, what should be done to assist a bleeding victim Apply direct pressure to the site
If it is necessary to move an unresponsive adult victim quickly away from a scene unassisted you should Drag the PT by the heels to safety
The first step in controlling bleeding is Direct pressure
Mr smith suspects that her child has ingested poison in there shed what should be the next step in treatment Gather as much info as possible from the mother about the products in the shed
What is the first thing to do if you walk into a room and find the PT collapsed on the floor Assess the sence
Fire extinguishers must be inspected and recharged if necessary Once a year
A second degree burn would appear as Red , edematous,wet,shiny or blistered
What is the proper treatment for SYNCCOPE (fainting) Lower head between legs or lie down Supine position with legs elevated
The basic EKG has how many leads 12
When preparing a PT for an EKG leads should be placed Intercostal spaces
Cardinal signs are also known as BP , temperature, pulse,respirations
A PT short of breath should be put into what position on the exam table Fowlers position ( semi sitting position at 45 degree angle
The knee chest position is used for examination of the Recutm
What blood pressure would be by a hypertensive PT 140/90
Which of the following administration routes will result in the most rapid action of a drug Intravenously
Teresa knows that legally all the providers must give PT their parents or their legal representatives the appropriate vaccine info statement when ever a vaccine is administered. The required info that must be recorded on the PT Medical record includes The edition date the date the shot was given
The largest bone of the body is Femur
The protein in the epidermal cells that make the skin relatively waterproof is Keratin
Growth hormone is produced in the Pituitary gland
Muscles are attached to bones by Tendons
The vitamin production by the normaflora of the colon in amounts sufficient to meet a daily need is vitamin Vitamin K
Prostatic hyper trophy is Enlarged prostate
The grey matter on the surface of the cerebral hemisphere is called the Cerebral cortex
The left ventricle of the heart sends blood out through which artery Aorta
Where is the stomach located Under the diaphragm
The most important digestive enzyme in the gastric juice is Pepsin
The largest bone in the body is Femur
The protein in epidermal cells that makes skin relatively waterproof is Keratin
Growth hormone is produced in the Pituitary gland
The urinary bladder is located in the Pelvic cavity
Functional units of the lungs that are air sacs are called Alveoli
The axial skeleton consists of how many bones 80
Which of the following constitutes 2%_4%of WBC Eosinophils
The cavity within the kidney that collects urine is the Renal pelvis
The hormone responsible for ovulation is LH (luteinizing hormone)
A genetic disorder characterized by the inability of the blood to clot properly is Hemophilia
An example of a ball and socket joint would be Hip
Bilirubin specimens require what special preparation Protected from light
In what quadrant is the liver located Upper right quadrant
An accumulation of serious fluid in the peritoneal cavity is Ascites
The surgical incision into the abdomen is Laparotomy
Which of the following is a physician having a practice limited to the aging population Gerontologists
In a PT progress note you see that the physician has used the term 'necrosis regarding a lesions the physician is referring to Dead tissue
Which of the following is the correct spelling of the term meaning inflammation of the tonsils Tonsillitis
Which term best describes as ' destruction by burning' Electo cauterization
The term myotomy means incision into A muscle
What is the first portion of the small intestine Duodenum
A hernia of part of the rectum into the vagina is called Rectocele
Osteomy is a Suffix ( meaning to cut into )
Which of the following means a physician who specializes in the study of the anus and rectum Proctologist
The medical term for indigestion Dyspepsia
The combining form "histo/o means Tissue
What term is best associated with cancer that has spread to other organs of the body Metastasis
Choose the abbreviation that means four times daily QID
The suffix meaning " inflammation " is itis
Which of the following is the most common eye condition associated with aging Presbyopia
The combining form that means "red" is Erythro
Abnormal widening of the arterial wall that is weak and bulges defines the term Aneurysm
QID stands for ? 4 times a day
Which one of the following is a water soluble vitamin Vitamin C
The abbreviation for " prescription is RX
The medical term for a toothache is Dentalgia
The study of the stomach and the intestines is Gastroenterology
InflammInflammation of the salivary gland is known as Sialadentisi
A small mass of masticated food ready to be swallowed is Bolus
Which of the following terms indicates consent in which there is an understanding of treatment that will be performed and why and any alternative methods and risks dicussed Informed
In the absence of the employing physician, a medical assistant determines that a PT needs a prescription drug and dispenses the wrong drug this totally wrongful act is known as Malfeasance
A discussion involving the physician providing the PT to PT's legal representative with a deeper understanding of the PT condition, a full explanation of the plan for treatment and enough information to decide whether the PT will undergo the treatment or Informed consent
The PT puts out his or her arm for a veinupucture this type of consent is Implied
Which of the following is a court order requiring a witness to produce records for a trial <\>subpoena ducestecum<\i>
The thing speaks for itself Which of the following is evidence showing that negligence showing that by the accused person may be reasonably inferred from the nature of the injury occurring to the Plaintiffs Red IPAs loquitur
The criteria of " duty owed, dereliction of duty, direct cause,and damages" are used in reference to which of the following situations Assessing the possibility of negligence
A PT implied consent usually covers which one of the following procedures Blood test
Which of the following would best exemplify the concept of "res ipsa loquitur " A surgeon leaves a sponge in a PT 's abdominal cavity after abdominal surgery
Which of the following is a legally binding request to provide records or documents to a court that is usually issued to the person considered the custodian of the records Subpoena duces tecm
In some states a minor is legally unable to make treatment decisions with limited exceptions. Under which circumstances would a 16 yr old minor suffering from cancer, be allowed to refuse treatment Being an emancipated minor
A medical assistant makes a medication error while under the physicians direction. The PT is injured and files a medical malpractice lawsuit. The court determines that the physician is liable for the medical assistants negligence this is known as the doct Responded at superior
The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is to protect healthcare providers rendering first aid from Civil and criminal liability
The law requires that which one of the following be reported to the appropriate authorities Suspected child abuse
The statute that defines what is included in the practice of medicine, establishes the requirements for licensure, and establishes the grounds for he suspension or revocation of a license is called the Medical malpractice Act
Substitution of another surgeon without the PT consent when the PT has already received anesthesia and has no idea that a substitution has been made is called Ghost surgery
If a caring family member asked about a PT treatment, the medical assistant should Provide only information that has been authorized by the PT
If a physician accepts payment from another physician solely for referral of a PT , both are guilty of an unethical practice called Fee splitting
Dr. Martian agrees to preform an appendectomy on Mrs Ohara she has already received anesthesia and is prepped for surgery but dr. Martin is double booked so he allows the chief resident to perform the surgery on Mrs Ohara. The practice of substituting an Ghost surgery
Abraham Maslow ' hierarchy of needs' correct order is Phycological needs, safety and security,love and belonging,esteem and recognition,self actualization
Dr . Kubler Ross ' five stages of death and dying". In order Correct order is denial,anger,bargaining,depression, and acceptance
The technique used to let a PT know how you interpreted the message they said is communicating is called Restating
The justification of behavior with socially acceptable reasons and the tendency to ignore the real reasons underlying the behavior is a defense mechanism Rationalization ' I ate a light lunch so I can pig out now'
Educating female PT's on signs and symptoms of a myocardial infarction includes Unexplained dizziness,shortness of breath,back pain or aching and throbbing in the biceps or forearms
When explaining the drug use terminology to the PT prophylactic is best explained as Vaccines to prove that the occurrence of a condition
When educating your PT which of the following is is not recommend for deep vein thrombosis Avoid compression socks
Instructioning a PT in the clean catch collection of urine, midstream urine Go from front to back
With respect to educating PT's on the functions of minerals in the body, which combination of mineral to sources is correct Iron nuts, whole grains, vegetables, coffee,tea,cocoa and egg yolks
Diabetic PT education must be acknowledged and followed by the PT Which is not recommend for the diabetic PT Maintain plasma glucose level between 120&200mg/dl
An organization that contracts with the government to handle and mediate insurance claims from the medical facilities,home health agencies or medical services or supplies Fiscal intermediary ( pays Medicare part B)
Workers compensation insurance provides benefits for Occupational injuries
A written authorization by the PT giving the insurance company the right to pay the physician directly for billed services is known as Assignments of benefits
A non-duplication of benefits is also called Coordination of benefits
A payment method used by many managed care organizations in which a fixed amount of money is reimbursed to the provider for PT's enrolled during a specific period of time, no matter what services are Recieved or how many visits are made Capitation
This insurance covers health benefits program for the spouses and dependent children of veterans suffering total, permanent,service connected disabilities and for surviving spouses and dependent children of veterans who died as a result of service related Champav
Claims for Medicaid PT's enrolled in a managed care plan are paid according to what fee schedule Capitated
Medicare part B covers Prescription medical equipment
Claims with a signed assignment of benefits are paid to the Physician
The notice sent to the PT showing the amount owed to the physician is called the Itemized statement
Where are the diagnosis codes found that are descriptive of the disease or condition presented by the PT ICD code
The term total permanent IMPAIRMENT means that the PT Is unable to perform previous occupational duties
Medicare part B pays physicains on a fee scale consisting 3 parts 1 physicians work 2 charge based professional liability expenses 3charged based over head this fee scale is known as (RBRVS) resource based relative value scale
A person who holds a health benefit plan is a Subscriber
In 2006 drug and prescription benefits were added allowing Medicare recipients the option of choosing at a reduced cost a plan hat pays for prescription drugs with just a small co payment from the PT beneficiaries choose the drug plan and pay a monthly pr Medicare part D
Accepting assignment on a Medicare claim means that the physician is compensated 80% of approved amount
Traditional health insurance plans that pay for all or a share of the cost of covered services, regardless of which physician , hospital, or tot her licensed healthcare provider is used . Policyholders and their dependents choose when and where to get hea Indemnity plan
A range of usual fees in the same community is the Prevailing fee
For deposit only - is an example of what type of endorsement Restrictive
Things that are owed or debts are called Liabilities
In a collection situation when a statement is returned marked "MOVED- no forwarding address" the account may be termed A skip
This type of check is a banks own check drawn on itself and signed. by the bank cashier or other authorized official . This check is obtained by paying the bank the amount on the check Cashiers check
Which of the following represents a successful 'trial balance" All transactions balance with the end of the day journal
An employer is required to make payments for which of the following FUTA
Once a delinquent account has been turned over to a collection agency,the physician's office should Refer all inquiries to the collection agency
Tthey cost to a physician for services of a collection agency is usually A percentage of each amount collected
Non- sufficient funds or NSF refers to the situation in which the bank Returns a deposited check from an account thT does not have enough funds to cover the amount of the check
The words " for deposit only " specify what type of endorsement Restrictive
Which of the following represents the total of all PT outstanding balances owed to the practice Accounts receivable
Employers are required by law to withhold certain amounts from employees earnings. These amounts must be reported and forwarded to the IRS to be applied toward payment of income tax. The in me tax with holdings is also known as W-4
The process of proving that a bank statement and checkbook balance and are in agreement is known as Reconciliation
Expenses that will most likely be included in the capital budget for a medical facility are Medical equipment
This type of check has a detachable form. The detachable portion is used to itemize or specify the purpose for which the check is drawn and shows discounts and various itemization the detachable portion is removed before payment Voucher check
The method used to accommodate apps. For minor emergencies in the physicians office is to Leave unassigned slots in the appointment schedule
It is recommended that a multipurpose ABC fire extinguisher be ready available and prominently mounted in a visible , convenient place in the office the proper way to operate a fire extinguisher is to (PASS) pull the pin, aim the hose, squeeze the handle and sweep the nozzle
To prevent back pain or a work place injury when working an object, ergonomically, which ergonomic stance is not recommend Keep feet together
Which of the following is the best method of interacting with an angry PT in the reception area Invite the PT into a room out of the reception area
When a PT fails to show up for an appt. the medical assistant should Document the failed appt. in the PTs chart
Who is the legal owner of the medical record The physician, or medical facility which initiated and developed the record
A method of prioritizing PTs so that he most urgent receive care first is called Triage
The medical assistant develops a matrix or a template prior to creating the physicians schedule in order to Block out time slots when the physician is not available to see PTs
Tthey signature of the treating physician medical assistant or other healthcare provider on the medical record indicates that the record is accurate this is called Authentification
When a PT cancels an appt. or merely does not show up the correct action is to Call the PT and try to reschedule and document the missed appt.
When performing medical aseptic hand washing the hands should be positioned Below the elbows
Teresa is responsible for sterilizing instruments she places a biological sterilization indicator into the autoclave what info is provided by the biological sterilization indicator The presence of spores in the autoclave
Teresa disinfects the exam tables in between each PT using 1:10 bleach solution. in order for the process to be effective she must Prepare the solution according to the recommended dilution,store the solution in a closed container to avoid evaporation, change after the recommend period expiration
While teresa is preparing a blood specimen for laboratory analysis , the container tips over and blood spills on the table what should she do Don personal protective equipment such as gloves use a clean up kit sprinkle congealing powder over the spill scoop up the spill place the contents in a bag wipe area with germicide, place all contaminated materials in the biohazard container
What are the two most important factors in performing an effective hand wash Friction and running water
According to the standard precaution guidelines, personal protective equipment MUST be worn whenever there is contact with Blood
The most effective method of sterilization is Autoclaving
The destruction of all microorganisms is known as Sterilization
The third level of infection control is Sterilization
Sterilization is the Destruction of all microbial life
A Hemostat is used to Control bleeding
Forceps are used to Hold tissue
What instrument holds open layers of tissue, exposing the areas beneath Retractors
What kind of machines do electrocardiograph technicians operate EKG
What instruments have sharp edges and are used to incise skin and tissue Cutting and dissecting instruments
Which of the following is a surgical instrument with slender jaws used for grasping blood vessels and establishing homeostasis Hemostat clamp
Instruments used to take blood pressure are Sphygmomanometer and stethoscope
When obtaining a PTs blood pressure , the PT arm should be At the level of the heart
What instrument is used to examine the interior structure of the eye Ophthalmoscope
A closed ended question would be Do you have a headache
You have just veinupucture on your PT and the PT says she feels like she is going to faint . What position do you put her in Trendelenburg ( lying supine postion with feet raised higher then the head in order to get blood flow to the Brian
Laying on your left side with one left arm behind there body and right knee bent is what postion The SIMS postion
CHEYNE stokes describes a Type of respiration ( marked by apnea lasting 10-60 seconds)
A deficiency of vit B-12 leads to which type of anemia Pernicious
A medical assistant taking a pulse by listening to the heart is taking a Listening to the pulse rate at the apex of the heart and is the apical pulse
The receptors for hearing and equilibrium are located in the The inner ear
Urine is formed in the Kidneys ( Nephrons from urine )
The 3 sections of the small intestine are Duodenum, jejunum, and ileum
A PT diagnosed with epistaxis has A bloody nose
The outermost part of the pericardial membranes is the Fibrous pericardum
The duodenum is part of the Small intestine ( first part ) small subdivision of the small intestine
A doughnut shaped gland that encircles the urethra is the The prostate gland
The part of the pharynx that is a passageway for air only is the Nasopharynx
Where is the stomach located Under the diaphram
The most important digestive enzyme in the gastric juice is Pepsin
A PT short of breath should be put in what position on the examination table? Fowlers postion ( a semi sitting postion at a 45 degree angle
Which of the following types of intramuscular injection is recommend for the administration of irritating or staining medications Z-track ( is used to create a zig zag path of insertion that seals the needle track to prevent leakage back into the tissue along the needle path
Teresa's PT just has been informed that she is pregnant. Teresa explains to the PT that she should not take any medications without the knowledge of her doctor, medications considered safe by the FDA are categorized Categorie A
The physician orders 1 gram of medication for injection on hand is 0.5 per ml how many ML be administered Have / want/ need 2.0ML
Two tablespoons of medication are equal to 30 ML
Teresa has been given the following physician order : keflex 500 mg giving intramuscularly the drug that is available is keflex 1000mg/ml the amount of the drug that should be drawn up is 0.5ml ( dosage ordered/ dosage available / X quantity) 500mg/100mgx1ml =0.5ml
For a medication to be maintained at the proper blood level , it must be given At the right time
What is a fenestrated sterile drape A drape that is put over the PT with the opening over the area where the surgical procedure will be performed
Most instruments are classified according to their fuction, which instrument is classified as a dilating/ probing instrument Specula
Which of the following is a surgery that is used to treat an absence Incision and drainage
Instruments required by the physician for a basic suture set - up include Needle holders and scissors
For minor surgical procedures , acceptable skin cleansing agents include all of the following except Acetone ( used are betadine / hibiclens/ and providing- iodine )
Which of these statements are true regarding angioplasty Angioplasty is used to restore blood flow to ischemic myocardial tissue ( angioplasty is used to balloon open a closing arteries in,order to prevent infarction it is a catheter that is used with a balloon on the end and a stent is then put into the arte
Sensitivity testing in microbiology is performed to Check for antibiotic sensitivity to the bacteria
Egg cells are produced where Ovarian follicles
The body part that matches with the popliteal artery is the Leg
Where do peristaltic waves occur Esophagus
The largest glandular organ in the body is the Liver
The fuction of insulin is to Assist glucose into the cells
The growth hormone is produced in the Pituitary
The site of fertilization is usually the one Fallopian tubes
Urine is formed in the Nephron
Sperm and egg cell maturity begin at Puberty
The mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid is called Conjunctiva
The outermost of the pericardial membranes is the Fibrous pericardum
Term that refers to severe allergic response is Anaphylactic shock
A deficiency in B12 can cause which type of anemia Pernicious
A MA listening to the heart is taking a Apical pulse
The receptors for hearing and equilibrium are located in the Inner ear
Urine is formed in the Nephrons
The pharynx that is a passage way for only air is the Nasopharynx
Prostatic hypertrophy is Enlarged prostate
Growth hormone is produced Pituitary
Egg cells are produced where Ovarian follicles
The function of insulin is to Assist glucose into the cells
Urine is formed in the Nephrons
The ventral cavity refers to the Anterior body cavities
Night blindness may be caused by a lack of Vitamin A
The kidneys are located behind the Behind the peritoneum
During swollowing the larynx is covered by the Epiglottis
Which of the following means pertaining to after meals Postprandial
Low blood sugar is HYPOTENTION
The prefix "AD" means Towards In the direction of
Encephalopathy. Is defined as Dysfunction of the brain
Which of the four elements before negligence has been proven Defamation
HIPAA requires covered entities to submit Medicare claims Through electronic data change
Athe physician informs the MA that he will no longer treat a PT who refuses to follow his medical advice or treatment plan what should the MA do Send registered letter to PT informing them to find a new doctor( letter of formal withdrawal
Where do you find the pulse for the DORSALIS pedis artery on the PT Behind the knee
The thoracic cavity is lined by the Pleural membrane
Where is chyme production Stomach
What is the most common blood disorder Anemia
Normal bacteria that is found in the intestinal track and the most common cause for uti's is <I>E.coli<|>.
Which of the following is not associated with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) Type two
The universal donor has what blood type O-
He normal specific gravity of urine which measures the ability of kidneys to concentrate urine ranges from 1.010-1.030
What should be done I'd a person exhibits changing levels of consciousness Have the PT lie down
The appropriate first response mot a syncope episode is to Place the PT in the supine with legs elevated
An AFEBRILE PT is Without fever
The correct method used to perform a breast exam is Palpation
When instilling eye drops where is the proper placement of the drops Lower conjunctival sac
teresa is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus he is RECIEVING insulin what side effects must teresa be taught to look for Hypoglycemic reaction ( tachycardia/ palpation/sweating/nervousness/headache/confusion and fatigue
Intra dermal injections (TB)are injected Anterior forearm and upper back
Injections like the flu shot are injected into the deltoid caution must be taken to avoid The radial and ulnar nerves
What sutures do not require removal Catgut
Which of the following is not a physical therapy modality Immobilization
Cold sterilization is achieved though the use of Chemicals
The tympanic thermometer is inserted into the Ear
The SNELLEN chart is used for Sight
HIT Essential implementation of the EMR
ACO Group of dr's. Hospitals and health care workers providers come together voluntarily to give high quality care to Medicare PT's
INI ( triple aim initated) 3 dimensions of PT care improving health and per-capita
PT centered Places needs and preference of the PT at the core
Dodo Sterile packing material acts as an antiseptic that inhibits growth of microorganisms
Serous Contains serum only
Serosanguineous Both serum and blood
CLIA WAVIED test HbA1c/ hematocrit/ESR
Not CLIA WAVIED test Differential counts
PPM Moderate complexity
Classified PPM Urine sediment examination
Quality Assurance Procedures that are designed to ensure accuracy and precision of lab tests
ANISOCYTOSIS reported on a differential count means Size of RBC
What counts would help diagnosing , evaluating and treatment of different types of ANEMIA and BLEEDING DISORDERS RBC INDICES
OGTT test Fast for 10 hours
ANTIGENS Determines persons blood type
LOC Obgyn office
PRESBYCUSIS Hearing loss with age
MYDRATIC Dilate pupils
MIOTICS Constrict pupils
Drugs are eliminated from the body from the Kidney
Choledochocolitiase Stones in the bile duct
Pancreatic Accessory organ for digestion
Cheil/o Lips
Pharynx Throat
Deglutition Swallowing
Mastication Chewing
Digestive system 30 feet long starts at mouth ends at anus
Neoplasma Tumor
Pancreas Exercise gland to manufacture digestive juices
HELICOBACTER pylori Stomach ulcers
Aphagia Loss of ability to swallow
Icterus Jaundice
Lieus Twisting of the intestines or bowel
Cholelithiasis/ ( gallstones) Hardening cholesterol stones formed by crystallization
Hyperemesis Vomiting of blood
Glycogenesis Conversation of simple sugar into complex sugar (starch ) stored in the liver
Cholelithiasis Presence of stones in the gallbladder
When an order arrives from the supplier the box should be inventoried the list is called Packing slip
An approach of sensitivity to an individuals needs begins with the initial contact the approach is called Empathy
An example of a Medicare HCPCS CODE NUMBER IS Alpha to numbers example J0540
Fiscal intermediay is a private company that has a contract with Medicare to pay part A and some of part B bills
Banking fees will appear on a monthly statement in the form of a Service charge
Summaries identifying which accounts are 30,60,90,120 days overdue include Age analysis
Fee profile Average of Doctor fees over a period of time is known as
Regulation Z of truth of lending act / how many installments are in this act More then four
When reconciling a bank account the OUT STANDING CHECKS are Those that have not cleared the bank
Clean catch On second motion cleanse directly across the meatus front to back using another antiseptic wipe
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