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Chapter 5

The Eye

aqua/o water
blephar/o eyelid
corne/o cornea
cycl/o circle, ciliary body
dacry/o tear
ir/o iris, colored part of eye
kerat/o cornea
lacrim/o tear
ocul/o eye
phac/o lens (lentil)
phot/o light
presby/o old age
retin/o retina
scler/o hard or sclera
vitre/o glassy
-opia vision condition
anterior chamber fluid-filled space between the cornea and iris
blepharoplasty surgical repair of an eyelid
cryoretinopexy use of intense cold to seal a hole or tear in the retina; used to treat retinal detachment
dacryocystectomy excision of a lacrimal sac
enucleation excision of an eyeball
iridectomy excision of a portion of iris tissue
presbyopia impaired vision caused by old age or loss of accomodation
accommodation ability of the eye to adjust focus on near object
aphakia absence of the lens, usually after cataract extraction
blepharitis inflammation of the eyelid
ptosis drooping of the eyelid; usually caused by paralysis
cataract opaque clouding of the lens causing decreased vision
ectropian outward of the rim of the eyelid (tropo = turning)
trichiasis misdirected eyelashes that rub on the conjunctiva or cornea
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