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ch5 med term 1 term

respiratory system

rhinocheiloplasty a plastic surgery on the lip and nose
rhinorrhagia nosebleed(also known as epistaxis)
nasal pertaining to the nose
rhinolith a stone or concretion of the nose
nasopharynx part of the pharynx above the level of the soft palate
rhinesthesia pertaining to the sense of smell
rhinitis inflammation of the musous membrane of the nose
nasoseptal pertaining to the nasal septum
rhinomycosis fungus infection of the nose
nasopharyngeal pertaining to the nasopharynx
nasogastric pertaining to the nose and stomach
rhinodynia pain in the nose ot nasal area
nasoscope lighted instrument used for examination of the nasal cavity
laryngoplegia paralysis of the larynx
laryngocentesis surgical puncture of the larynx
pharyngoplegia paralysis of the muscles of the throat
pharyngomycosis any fungal infection of the throat
laryngospasm spasmodic closure of the larynx
oropharynx musculo-membranous passage between the mouth and posterior nasal passage and the larynx and esophagus
pharyngeal pertaining to the pharynx
pharyngectomy excision of the pharynx
laryngeal of or pertaining to the larynx
laryngopharynx division of pharynx below the upper edge of the epiglottis and opens into the larynx and esophagus
laryngostenosis narrowing of the larynx
laryngectomy excision of the larynx
laryngoscope instrument used to examine the larynx
bronchorrhea excessive secretion of mucus from the bronchial musous membrane
tracheorrhaphy surgical repair of the trachea
bronchiectasis dilatation(dilation) of the bronchi
tracheostenosis narrowing of the trachea
tracheoplasty plastic surgery of the trachea
bronchoscopy inspection or examination of the bronchi
bronchoplegia paralysis of the bronchi
tracheostomy surgical creation of an opening into the trachea
tracheopathy any disease of the trachea
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
bronchoedema swelling of the mucosa of the bronchi
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
bronchopneumonitis an inflammation of the lungs that originates at the bronchi
tracheitis inflammation of the trachea
bronchiole finer subdivisions of the bronchi
pleuralgia pain in the pleura
pleural more than one pleura
pleuritis inflammation of the pleura
thoracic pertaining to the chest
pneumography X-ray of the lung
thoracotomy incision into the chest
pleurocele herniation of the pleura
oximeter(pulse ox) photoelectric device used for determining the oxygen saturation in the blood
pulmonitis, pneumonitis inflammation of the lung
dyspnea difficult breathing
pneumodynamics the dynamics of the respiratory system
eupnea easy,normal breathing
pulmonic pertaining to the lungs
thoracocentesis surgical puncture of the chest to aspirate fluid
pneumomelanosis the blackening of the lungs as from coal dust
tachypnea abnormally fast rate of breathing
pleural pertaining to the pleura
pulmonologist a lung specialist
apnea temporary absence of breathing
orthopnea inability to breathe unless in an upright position
pneumoconiosis a disease caused by dust or other particulates in the lungs
pneumoencephalography radiographic films of the brain, created by utilizing injections of air or gas
pleurocentesis surgical puncture or tap of the pleura
pleurotomy incision into the pleura
pulmonectomy excision of all or part of a lung
pneumothorax accumulation of air in the chest cavity
pneumocentesis surgical puncture for aspiration of the lung
pleurectomy excision of the pleura
hypoxemia deficient oxygenation of the blood
expectorants agents that promote the ejection of mucus or other fluids from the lower respiratory tract
mucolytics agents that destroy or dissolve mucus
antihistamines agents that counter the effects of histamines
bronchodilators agents that expand the air passages in the lungs
decongestants agents that reduce congestion and bronchial swelling
antitussives agents that relieve or prevent coughs
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