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This is an OSHA mandated set of requirements concerning protection against pathogenic micro organisms transmitted thru blood bloodborne pathogens standard
This is a basic emergency procedure used in cases of cardiopulmonary arrest re-establishing circulation and ventilation cardiopulmonary resuscitation
A ___________ is any biological risk to organisms biologic hazard
these are worn to reduce exposure to potentially infectious agents personal protective equipment
This is an OSHA compliant plan explaining how to minimize or eliminate exposure of blood borne pathogens exposure control plan
methods that protect patients from exposure to a contagion or protect an immunocompromised patient from acquiring an infection are known as: isolation precautions
What facial protection protects against airborne diseases? N95 or N99 respirators
This organization accredits and certifies health organizations in the US Joint commission
________ is committed to providing high quality care for patients by developing standards and guidelines for lab accreditation clinical and laboratory standards institute CLSI
A substance that removes harmful micro-organisms from surfaces is: disinfectants
The government agency that helps identify and educate about infections is: CDC center for disease control and prevention
A measure of how well an instrument can produce the same result over a period of time, ensuring precision in laboratory testing and accuracy in test results is: quality control
ANY information a health care provider receives or creates of an individual, the provision of health care to an individual, or the payment for the provision of health care to an individual is: protected health information or PHI
The intentional creation of apprehension leading to a fear of harm is called: assault
The intentional touching or handling of a person without permission is called: battery
Lab standards the CDC established to help maintain the highest level of testing accuracy possible is: quality assurance
Tests of the least complexity to perform and with a low risk for error is: CLIA waived
This is a container that has to be functional and leak proof, easily accessible, visibly has a symbol that easily seen, and requires minimal training and never over filled: biohazard or sharps containers
rubella, meningitis, diphtheria, mumps, and pertussis all require what type of safety precaution? droplet precaution
this precaution is used when a patient has an infection that spreads via person to person contact precaution
varicella, TB, and roseola require what type of precaution airborne precaution
the basic level of infection control practices healthcare workers must preform before during and after every encounter with patients standard precautions
how a pathogen moves to a host via direct or indirect contract with people is: means of transmission
This is the single most important way to stop the spread of diseases hand hygiene
Acronym for fire including rescue, activate, contain, and extinguish is: Race
The Acronym for using a fire extinguisher is: PASS,
What class fire extinguisher puts out clothing, paper, wood, or trash fires? Class A for ash
What fire extinguisher puts out flammable liquids, oils, grease, and alcohol fires? Class B for bubbles
What fire extinguisher puts out electrical fires? Class C for circuit fire
what does the blue on the NFPA diamond tell you: health hazard
What does the red on the NFPA diamond tell you? Fire hazard
What does the yellow on the NFPA diamond tell you? Reactivity Hazard
What does the white on the NFPA diamond tell you? Special hazards
What do the numbers on the NFPA diamond tell you about each color? how hazardous that part is to your health
Code red means fire
Code blue means cardiac arrest, life support
Code pink infant, child abduction
Code Grey combative person, assault
Code green bomb threat
Code Silver person with a weapon or hostage
Code yellow Hazardous material spill
Code Black code Edison, power blackout
Shelter in place means take shelter in interior room no windows
microorganism that cause disease and is transmitted thru blood or body fluids: blood borne pathogens
a specimen that originates from a living organism EX; plasma or bodily fluids biological specimen
a chemical that yields hydrogen ions when resolved in water is a: Base
chemical that donates hydrogen ions is: Acid
conversion of a liquid or solid into a fine mist is: aerosolization
device that uses steam under pressure to sterilize autoclave
burning or corrosive, destructive to living tissue: caustic
an unbroken line of transmission of a desease is: chain of infection
disease causing microorganism pathogen
A set of procedures required by OSHA as a follow up to exposure incidents is: post exposure evaluation
preventive treatment for exposure to possible pathogenic microorganisms is: post exposure prophylaxis
a carrier such as an insect of a pathogen is a: vector
A source of danger from a living specimen biohazard
positivity breads a: positive result
Negativity breads a: negative result
hurrying, carelessness, fatigue, preoccupation with nonwork matters, and excessive stress cause: careless lab accidents
Sharps containers should not be: over filled and no more than 2/3rd to 3/4th full
Created by: CWillems
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