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Vocab: rup to sect

Vocabulary related to: <rupt scop scrib /scrip sect>

erupt a sudden increase in activity or strong emotion
rupture an occasion when something suddenly breaks apart or bursts
interrupt to stop someone from continuing what they are saying or doing by suddenly saying or doing something yourself
scope the range of things that a subject, activity, book etc, deals with
microscope a scientific instrument that makes extremely small things appear large enough to be seen
telescope a piece of scientific equipment shaped like a tube, used for making distant objects such as stars
oscilloscope an instrument in which the variations in a fluctuating electrical quantity appear temporarily as a visible wave form on the fluorescent screen of a cathode-ray tube
scribe someone employed to copy things in writing, especially before printing was invented
inscription a piece of writing inscribed on a stone
prescribe to officially say what medicine or treatment a sick person should have
postscript a message written at the end of a letter below the place where you sign your name
dissect to cut up the body of a dead animal or person to study it
section one of the parts that something, such as an object or place is divided into
intersection the place where two or more roads, line meet and go across each other
bisection two parts which are divided equally
Created by: MEwald
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