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The first restaurant was established in 1765 in Paris
Potatoes should be stored In a cool, dark, dry place
When using suggestive selling techniques, one god practice is to Make a dish sound as good as it tastes
Pilaf is a technique for cooking Grains
Canton, Mandarin, and Szechwan-Hunan are three types of cuisines that originated in China
What is a definition of marketing? The communication and plan for taking a product or service to market
A grand sauce made from brown stock ond brown roux is Espagnole
Beautiful scenery, historic sights, a variety of accomodations and activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, and boating are some of the attractions one can find at National parks and state parks
Daily food cost sheets help managers to cut down on Food waste
The candies most likely to cause tooth decay are Dark chocolate and fudge
The table fork was introduced In England in the 1600's
What are the three types of the contemperary marketing mix for the foodservice industry? Product-service mix, presentation mix, and communication mix
Who was the first person to use the kitchen brigade system? Georges August Escoffier
Jacki is steaming some poultry. She is an experienced chef, so she knows that the chicken will be done when It has an opaque appearance that she can't see through
Canton, Mandarin, and Szechwan-Hunan are three types of cuisines that originated in China
Gathering information, establishing objectives, developing marketing strategies, and creating an action plan are all components of a marketing plan
The highest US quality grade for lamb is Prime
Which is an example of sausage that is made of raw meat products and treated with preservatives? Bratwurst
Potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place
Broth is made from a combination of water, vegetable, or meat, mirepoix and boquet garni
A bordelaise sauce is a derivative of Espagnole with red wine and parsley added.
Which is considered a front of the house employee? Busperson
Hotel employees whoes duties include greeting guests, checking them in and out, making reservations and maintaining excellent customer service skills work in which department? Front Office
Why would hotels overbook rooms? Because management forecasts that a certain number of people who made reservations will not show up.
Using the following information, set a room rate using the Hubbart formula; projected room sales: $200,000 desired return on investment 4,500,000, operating expenses: $6,000,000, other income: $500,000. $50.00
A server wheels a cart to a guests table, mixes, dresses adn plates a salad, and then serves it. this is an example of what type of service? French
At a formal dining establishment, who is responsible for service throughout the entire establishment? Maitre de Hotel
When clearing plates from a table, the plates are generally cleared from the guests right side.
Normally , the best way to store chocolate is wrapped in a cool, dry place
A dessert sauce made of milk, sugar, and egg yolks that is often served with steamed pudding is Creme Anglaise
3-2-1 pie dough is made of one part liquid
Which is made from a lean dough? French Bread
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