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Haney AP ch17

What is the overall exchange of gases between the atmosphere, the blood, and the cells? respiration
What is also called the voice box? larynx
The thyroid cartilage is the largest piece of cartilage and is also known as what? adam's apple
When we swallow, this free edge or leaflike part pulls down and forms a lid over the what? glottis
What is also referred to as the windpipe? trachea
What encloses and protects each lung? pleural membrane
What is the outer layer, it attaches the lung to the wall of the thoracic cavity? parietal pleura
What is the inner layer and it covers the lungs? visceral pleura
What is the segment of lung tissue that each tertiary or segmental bronchi supplies? bronchopulmonary segment
What are terminal bronchioles subdivide into microscopic branches? respiratory bronchioles
Respiratory bronchioles further subdivide into 2 or 11 what? alveolar ducts
What is another name for alveolar ducts? atria
Around the circumference of the alveolar ducts are what? alveoli and alveolar sacs
Through which the respiratory gases movie, is referred to as what? alveolar-capillary
What is the surface of the respiratory membrane inside each alveolus is coated with fluid, consisting of a mixture of lipoproteins? surfactant
What is the movement of air between the atmosphere and the lungs? ventilation
What are ventilations two phases? inhalation and exhalation
What is the exchange of gases between the lungs and the blood? External respiration
What is the exchange of gases between the blood and the body cells? internal respiration
What is an inflammation of the bronchi? bronchitis
What is characterized by the destruction of the walls of the alveoli? emphysema
What is the most common cause of cancer deaths in the united states? lung cancer
What is an inherited disease that affects the secretory cells of the lungs? cystic fibrosis
What is caused by excessive exposure to asbestos, silica. or coal dust? pulmonary fibrosis
What is common in premature infants, it is caused by too little surfactant being produced and the lungs tend to collapse? respiratory distress syndrome
What refers to any infection in the lungs? pneumonia
What is caused by an infection with the bacterium bordetella pertussis? whooping cough
What is another name for for whooping cough? pertussis
What is the amount of pressure that gas contributes to the total pressure? partial pressure
What is the lowermost portion of the pharynx? laryngopharynx
What is a ring of cartilage of the larynx that attaches to the first tracheal cartilage? Cricoid cartilage
What is the first right division of the trachea? right primary bronchus
What is detected for the sense of smell? olfactory stimuli
What are the anterior portions of the nasal cavities just inside the nostrils? vestibules
What is one of the three arrow passageways in the nasal cavity formed by the turbinate bones? superior meatus
The uppermost portion of the pharynx located in the nose? nasopharynx
What is branching of the bronchi? bronchial tree
What are segments that is divided into many small compartments? lobules
Created by: marisa4020