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microbiology 2.0

disease pathogens

pathogen: adenovirus disease: pharyngitis transmission: droplet, direct contact
pathogen: Epstein-barr disease: mononucleosis transmission: contact with saliva
pathogen: hepatitis A disease: hepatitis A transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: hepatitis B disease: hepatitis B transmission: bloodborne, sexual
pathogen: hepatitis C disease: hepatitis C transmission: bloodborne
pathogen: herpes simplex disease: cold sores, genital herpes transmission: contact with blister fluid, sexual
pathogen: human immunodeficiency disease: AIDS transmission: bloodborne, sexual
pathogen: human papillomavirus disease: genital warts transmission: sexual
pathogen: influenza disease: influenza transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: measles disease: measles transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: molluscipoxvirus disease: molluscum contagiosum warts transmission: contact
pathogen: mumps disease: mumps transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: parvovirus disease: fifth disease transmission: droplet, bloodborne
pathogen: rabies disease: rabies transmission: vector (infected animal)
pathogen: rhinoviruses disease: common cold transmission: droplet, contact, fomites
pathogen: rotavirus disease: rotavirus transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: rubella disease: German measles transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: varicella-zoster disease: chickenpox, shingles transmission: airborne, droplet, contact with blister fluid
pathogen: variola major disease: smallpox transmission: contact, fomites
pathogen: Ascaris lumbricoides disease: roundworm transmission: contact with contaminated soil
pathogen: cimex parasites disease: bed bugs transmission: contact with infested bedding or furniture
pathogen: diphyllobothrium latum disease: tapeworm transmission: foodborne (raw, infected fish)
pathogen: enterobius vermicularis disease: pinworms transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: pediculus humanus capititis disease: pediculosis (head lice) transmission: contact with infested hair
pathogen: phthirus pubis disease: pubic lice ("crabs") transmission: contact with infected pubic hair
pathogen: sarcoptes scabiei disease: scabies transmission: contact
pathogen: Aspergillus fumigatus disease: aspergillosis transmission: airborne
pathogen: candida albicans disease: candidiasis (thrush, vaginal yeast infection) transmission: overgrowth of normal flora, not usually sexual
pathogen: Cryptococcus neoformans disease: cryptococcosis transmission: contact with poultry droppings
pathogen: trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton tonsurans (dermatophytes) disease: ringworm transmission: contact
pathogen: histoplasma capsulatum disease: histoplasmosis transmission: airborne
pathogen: pneumocystis jirovecii, pneumocystis caninii disease: pneumocystis pneumonia transmission: airborne
pathogen: Entamoeba histolytica disease: amebiasis transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: giardia intestinalis disease: giardiasis transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: plasmodium parasites disease: malaria transmission: vector (mosquito)
pathogen: toxoplasma gondii disease: toxoplasmosis transmission: foodborne, vector, transplacental
pathogen: trichinella spiralis disease: trichinosis transmission: foodborne (undercooked pork)
pathogen: trichomonas vaginalis disease: trichomoniasis transmission: sexual
pathogen: bacillus anthracis disease: anthrax transmission: vector, contact with or eating undercooked meat from infected animal, spore inhalation
pathogen: Bordetella pertussis disease: whooping cough transmission: airborne
pathogen: borrelia burgdorferi disease: Lyme disease transmission: vector (tick)
pathogen: campylobacter jejuni disease: food poisoning transmission: contaminated food and fluids
pathogen: chlamydia trachomatis disease: chlamydia transmission: sexual
pathogen: clostridium botulinum disease: botulism transmission: foodborne
pathogen: clostridium difficile disease: colitis transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: clostridium perfringens disease: gas gangrene transmission: contact (wounds)
pathogen: clostridium tetani disease: tetanus transmission: contact through a deep cut
pathogen: Corynebacterium diphtheriae disease: diphtheria transmission: droplet
pathogen: Escherichia coli disease: diarrhea transmission: foodborne
pathogen: Group B streptococcus disease: meningitis transmission: droplet
pathogen: haemophilus influenzae disease: pneumonia, meningitis, epiglottitis transmission: droplet
pathogen: helicobacter pylori disease: peptic ulcer disease transmission: fecal-oral, oral-anal, possibly others
pathogen: legionella pneumophila disease: legionnaire's disease transmission: water aerosol
pathogen: listeria monocytogenes disease: meningitis transmission: droplet
pathogen: mycobacterium leprae disease: leprosy transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: mycobacterium tuberculosis disease: tuberculosis transmission: airborne, droplet
pathogen: mycoplasma pneumoniae disease: pneumonia transmission: droplet
pathogen: Neisseria gonorrhoeae disease: gonorrhea transmission: sexual
pathogen: Neisseria meningitidis disease: meningitis transmission: droplet
pathogen: Pseudomonas aeruginosa disease: "hot tub rash" transmission: contaminated water
pathogen: Rickettsia prowazekii disease: typhus transmission: vector (tick)
pathogen: Rickettsia rickettsii disease: rocky mountain spotted fever transmission: vector (tick)
pathogen: Shigella sonnei disease: shigellosis transmission: fecal-oral
pathogen: Staphylococcus aureus disease: boils, septicemia, pneumonia transmission: contact
pathogen: streptococcus pneumoniae disease: pneumonia transmission: airborne, droplet, contact
pathogen: streptococcus pyogenes disease: strep throat, rheumatic fever, septicemia transmission: droplet
pathogen: Treponema pallidum disease: syphilis transmission: sexual
pathogen: Vibrio cholerae disease: cholera transmission: fecal-oral, contaminated water
pathogen: Yersinia pestis disease: plague transmission: vector (fleas, rodents)
fomite non-living object or substance capable of carrying infectious organisms
Created by: elshalance
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