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OHS Anatomy: Roots

OHS Anatomy root words

the Heart Cardio
Vessel(s) Angio, Vaso
Blood Hem, Hema, Hemato
Vein Vena, Phlebo
Artery Arteria
Lymph Lympho
Bloodclot Thrombo
Moving Clot Embolus
Cheek Bucca
Mouth Os, Stomato
Gum Gingiva-
Tongue Glossa
Pharynx Pharyngo
Esophogus Esophogo
Stomach Gastro
Liver Hepato
Gallbladder Cholecyst
Pancreas Pancreas
Intestines Entero
Duodenum Duodeno
Jejunum Jejuno
Ileum lleo
Appendix Appendeco
Colon Colo
Rectum Recto
Anus Ano, Procto
skeleton skeleto
Nose Rhino, Naso
Tonsil Tonsillo
Larynx Laryngo
Trachea Tracheo
Bronchus Bronchus, Broncho
Lung Pulmo, Pneuma, Pneum
Nerve Neuro
Brain, Cerebrum Cerebro
Eye Oculo, Ophthalmo
Ear Oto
Mind Psych, Psyco
Urethra Urethro
Bladder Cysto
Ureter Uretero
Kidney Reni, Reno, Nephro
Pelvis of Kidney Pyelo
Urine Uro
Vulva Vulvo
Perineum Perineo
Labium (pl. Labia) Labio
Vagina Vagino, Colpo
Cervix Cervico
Uterus (Womb) Utero
Fallopian Tube Tubo, Salpingo
Ovary Ovario, OoPhoro
Testes Orchido
Head Crani, Cephalo
Neck Cervico, Tracheo
Chest thoraco
Abdomen Abdomino
Back Dorsum
Skin Cutis, Dermato
Fat Lipo
Muscle Musculo, Myo
Bones Osteo
Marrow Myelo
Cartilage Chondro
Cell Cyto
Origin, Formation Gene
Tracing or Mark Gram
Writing, Description Graph
Motion Kinesis
Through the Abdominal Wall Lapar
Measure Meter
Few, Small Oligo
Fear Phobia
Light Photo
Pus Pyo
X-Ray Roentgen
Instrument for Visual Examination Scope
Created by: ThelatinStudent