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Haney AP c9

Haney AP c9-DH

What muscles help us read by moving our eyes, allow us to move in our environment, and breathe? skeletal muscles
What muscles push food through our intestines, contain blood in our arteries and veins, and push urine down our ureters? smooth muscle
What muscle pumps blood through our heart and blood vessels, and maintains blood pressure? cardiac muscle
What are the three types of muscle tissue? skeletal, smooth or visceral, and cardiac
What muscle cells are voluntary, striated, and multinucleated cells? skeletal
What muscle cells are involuntary, nonstriated, and uninucleated fibers? smooth
What muscle cells are involuntary, striated, and uninucleated? cardiac
What is the electrically polarized cell membrane that surrounds a skeletal muscle cell or fiber called? sarcolemma
What are the skeletal muscle bundles called that make up a muscle? fasciculi
What is the delicate connective tissue that surrounds each muscle cell in a fascicle called? endomysium
What is another layer of connective tissue called that that surrounds each bundle or fascicle? perimysium
What is another layer of connective tissue that surrounds the whole muscle called? epimysium
What is the layer of areolar tissue on top of the epimysium called? fascia
What protein makes up the dark bands of a skeletal muscle cell (A bands)? myosin
What protein makes up the light bands of a skeletal muscle cell (I bands)? actin
What is the area between two adjacent Z lines called? sarcomere
What are the three factors that cause muscle contraction? neuroelectrical, chemical, and energy sources
The whole process of contraction in a muscle occurs in what fraction of a second? 1/40
What law states that a stimulus strong enough to cause contraction in an individual muscle cell will result in maximal contraction? all-or-none law
What is the property of a muscle in which a state of partial contraction is maintained throughout a whole muscle called? tone
What are the two types of muscle contraction called? isotonic and isometric
What muscle is found in hollow structures like the intestines, arteries, veins, and bladder? smooth
What muscle is found only in the heart and is controlled by the autonomic nervous system? cardiac
What attaches a muscle to a bone? tendons
What is a wide flat tendon called? aponeurosis
What are the muscles called that bend a limb at a joint? flexors
What are the muscles called that straighten a limb? extensors
What is it called when a limb is moved away from the midline of the body? abduction
What is it called when a limb is brought toward the midline of the body? adduction
What is it called when a limb revolves around an axis? rotation
What are the muscles that turn the palm upward called? supinators
What are the muscles that turn the palm downward called? pronators
What are the muscles that bring about an action called? prime movers
What are the muscles that assist the prime movers called? synergists
What is a condition in which a muscle shortens its length in the resting state called? contracture
What are the spastic and painful contractions of muscles that occur because of an irritation within the muscle such as inflammation of connective tissue or lactic acid buildup called? cramps
What is the term that means muscle pain called? myalgia
What is the term that means inflammation of muscular tissue called? myositis
What is the term for when there is a decrease in muscle bulk due to a lack of exercise called? atrophy
What is the inflammation of a tendon called? tendinitis
What is the inherited muscular disorder, most common in males, where the muscle tissue degenerates over time resulting in complete helplessness called? muscular dystrophy
What is characterized by the easy tiring of muscles or muscle weakness? myasthenia gravis
Created by: DHassen13



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