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Healthcare systems

Who screens patients in an office visit medical assistant
Who assess the patient in an office visit Provider
Who is part of the extended allied health team? phlebotomist and physical therapists
What types of duties can a medical assistant be trained to do? Administrative, clerical, treatment and procedures
Who is an allopathic provider? Medical doctor/MD
Who uses osteopathic manipulative therapy? Osteopathic provider/DO
What provider can provide basic patient care including diagnosing and prescribing meds for common illness. Physician assistant/PA
Who performs diagnostic testing under the supervision of a medical technologist? Medical lab technician
Who checks patients in and out of the office along with other clerical duties? Medical receptionist
Who helps patients develop emotionally, developmentally, emotionally, mentally, and/or physically after a disability? Occupational Therapist
Who helps a patient retain or regain mobility and strength as well as range of motion Physical therapist
What consists of the skills, behavior, and appropriate judgement representing the best qualities of a person. Professionalism
Appropriate dress in a medical office includes: hygiene, uniform, hair up, no fake nails and one set of stud earrings
Inappropriate dress in medical office includes: fake or dirty nails, tattoos no covered, piercings, hair down out of uniform
Personal phone use is: Not allowed except in emergency and never in front of a patient
_____________ and _________ are key importance in maintaining professionalism in healthcare jobs. Punctuality and dependability
What helps prevent awkward situations or misunderstandings in the work place? Respect and boundaries
Money, praise, self-fulfillment, and integrity help _________ a person. Motivate
What is a set of values based on the moral virtues of hard work and diligence? Work ethic
What is a quality of being honest and having strong moral principles even when no one is there to see it? Integrity
What is it called to be responsible for your own actions? Accountability
One must be __________ to acclimate to changes in a wide variety of situations. Flexible
What is it called when an employee is willing to try new ideas or ways of doing things and considers others ideas and difference of opinion. Open minded
What describes duties that can be delegated to an MA based on their education, training, and experience? Scope of practice
Regulations and policies issued by the state medical board are known as ________ in the scope of practice. Variables
The degree of care or competence expected in patient care is called: Standard of care
Formal medical assisting programs require: Externships
What is an on the job training program called? Externship
What is a CPT Certified phlebotomy technician
What is a CET Certified EKG technician
What is a CBCS Certified billing and coding specialist
What is a CEHRS Certified electronic health records specialist
Who helps coach or navigate patients through the health care system? Certified health coach
Advantages of being a state certified MA are: Increased job placement, higher wage, career advancement opportunities
Accountable care organizations (ACO's) are: Groups of physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers working together to provide quality healthcare to medicare patients and sharing in the savings it provides medicare programs.
What is it called when patients are assigned a per member, per month payment based on age, sex, race, lifestyle, medical history, and benefit design? Capitation
What is a fixed dollar amount paid annually for all care? Global budget
What is health maintenance organization (HMO) contracts with a medical center or group, requires referral to specialist, hospitalization, procedures, and treatments.
What is patient centered medical home (PCMH) Primary provider coordinates treatment making sure patients receive care when and where they need it.
What is a preferred provider organization (PPO) Flexible plan, patient can go directly to a specialist without a referral. In network providers cost less.
This reimbursement model compensates providers if they meet measures for quality and efficient care. Pay for performance
General Physician Assesses a wide range of symptoms and conditions
Specialty Physician or Specialist Asses and treat a specific type of symptoms, diagnosis, and conditions
Family Practitioner Cares for the whole family from birth up.
Internist Specializes in treating chronic long term conditions
Allergist Evaluates and treats disorders and diseases of the immune system
Anesthesiologist Manages pain and sedation during surgical procedures
Cardiologist Treats diseases and conditions of the heart and blood vessels
Dermatologist Specializes in skin conditions
Endocrinologist Works with hormonal and glandular conditions and patients with diabetes mellitus
Gastroenterologist Manages dieses in the gastrointestinal tract
Hematologist Works with patients who have anemia, leukemia, lymphoma and study blood producing organisms
Hepatologist Study the liver, biliary tree, gallbladder, and pancreas
Neonatologist Care for new borns
Nephrologist Specialize in kidney care and treatments
Oncologist specialize in cancer care and treatment
Ophthalmologist Treat eye conditions
Orthopedist Treat bone, joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament issues
Otolaryngologist specialize in ear, nose, and throat issues
Neurologists treat nervous system issues
Pathologist specializes in body tissues, blood, urine, and other bodily fluids to diagnose and treat medical conditions
Urologist Treats disorders of the urinary tract
Urgent care is an alternative to the ER and costs less
Who performs testing on blood and body fluids? Laboratory services
Who is responsible for ultrasounds, MRIs, CTs, and x-ray imaging Diagnostic imaging
What involves pricking the skin with needles to relieve pain and treat physical conditions? Acupuncture
Who diagnosis and treats mechanical disorders of the spine and skeletal system? Chiropractor
What is the calm method of clearing cellular memory through human energy? Energy therapy
ABN is a: Advanced beneficiary notice signed when medicare will not pay for a service
Coinsurance is: when the policy holder and insurance provider share cost 80/20
Copayment is: patients portion paid upfront for visit
Deductible is a: patients part paid out of pocket before insurance will pay
An explanation of benefits is: a breakdown of charges paid and due on a bill
Covers patients over 65 medicare
Covers military personnel and their dependents Tricare
Covers surviving spouse and dependents of veterans who died of service related injury or illness CHAMPVA
Provides medical coverage to the indigent population Medicaid
Provides medical coverage in return for preset payments thru a defined network Managed Care
Protects wage earners from loss of wages and medical bills if hurt on the job Worker's compensation
EHS is: Electronic health records
CMS-1500 is: The electronic health insurance claim form
Created by: CWillems
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