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week 9

Sense and Endocrine

The hypophyseal portal veins are primarily located in the infundibulum.
Pancreatic cell type that produces insulin. beta cells
Pyramid-shaped gland consisting of neural crest-derived cells and endocrine secretory cells. adrenal gland
Which of the following areas has the highest concentration of cones? the fovea centralis
Melanin-containing layer of the eye's vascular tunic. Choroid
Transparent mucous membrane covering the inner surface of the eyelid. Conjunctiva
The hormone produced by the heart increases the excretion of sodium in the urine.
Region of the hypophysis that contains secretory endocrine cells derived from the oral ectoderm. adenohypophysis
Which of the following is not part of the flow of taste sensation along the gustatory pathway to the cerebral cortex? hypothalamic appetite centers
The basilar membrane supports the spiral organ.
Class of hormones secreted during chronic stress that depress immune function. Glucocorticoids
Which of the following endocrine glands develops primarily from the endoderm of the pharynx? thyroid and parathyroids
The anatomical stalk of the pituitary is also known as infundibulum.
Membrane attached to the stapes. oval window
Gel-like structure embedded with the tips of cochlear hair cells. tectorial membrane
Region of the adrenal cortex that secretes DHEA. zona reticularis
Endocrine gland of the thorax that is also important in immune function. thymus gland
Gustatory cells are located in all of the following areas except on the apical surface of vallate papillae on the tongue
Which of the following statements does not correctly describe the spiral organ of Corti? The tectorial membrane bends with vibrations, whereas the basilar membrane is rigid and fixed.
Which endocrine gland stores enough of its hormone extracellularly to last several months? the thyroid
Endolymph is made in the stria vascularis.
The nerve carrying taste information from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue is the facial.
Bony labyrinth structure containing the utricle and saccule. vestibule
Transparent structure of the eye containing regularly aligned collagen fibers. cornea
Largest purely endocrine gland in the body. thyroid gland
Endolymph-filled structure containing receptors for hearing. cochlear duct
Hormone that inhibits osteoclast activity in children. Calcitonin
Fluid filling the posterior segment of the eye. vitreous humor
Which of the following minerals is essential for the formation of thyroid hormone? iodine Receptors for hearing are located in the cochlear duct.
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