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week 8


Axon terminals that secrete acetylcholine are called cholinergic terminals. True
Which of the following is not a plexus of the spinal nerves? Thoracic
The autonomic nervous system includes only efferent neurons. False
Parasympathetic neuron cell bodies are located in: nuclei of the brainstem and the lateral gray columns of the sacral cord.
The areas specializing in language functions are found in the left cerebral hemisphere in: about 90% of the population.
Which part of the brain releases the hormone melatonin? Pineal gland
Nerve fibers of the spinothalamic tract are: sensory.
The sensory cranial nerves include only the: olfactory, optic, and vestibulocochlear.
All cell bodies of the autonomic nervous system are located within the CNS. False
Which of the following cranial nerves is responsible for movements of the tongue? Hypoglossal
The innermost layer of the meninges is the: pia mater.
Beta receptors: bind norepinephrine.
All of the following cranial nerves have a functional classification of motor except: Vestibulocochlear.
Effectors that have single innervation by the autonomic nervous system are innervated only by the parasympathetic division. False
Which of the following might occur from the stimulation of parasympathetic fibers? Increased peristalsis in the digestive tract
“Fight-or-flight” physiological changes include all of the following except: constriction of respiratory airways.
All of the following are characteristics of sympathetic preganglionic neurons except: they have long fibers from CNS to ganglion.
The brainstem does not include the: cerebellum.
The spinal nerves are connected to the spinal cord and consist of _____ pairs. 31
Spinal nerves are _____ fibers. motor and sensory
If you were to damage some of the preganglionic fibers that enter the celiac ganglion, what effect would this have on sympathetic stimulation? Hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla may not reach the various sympathetic effectors, thus delaying the effects of sympathetic stimulation.
There are _____ ventricles in the brain. Four
Sensory neurons can operate in autonomic reflex arcs. True
Which part of the vertebral column has one more pair of nerves coming from it than it has vertebrae? Cervical
Which is not true about sympathetic postganglionic neurons? They produce acetylcholine.
The brain has _____ major divisions. six
A patient complains of numbness in the skin of the buttocks and the posterior surface of the thigh and leg. The spinal nerve or peripheral branch most likely involved with this condition is the _____ plexus. Coccygeal
The part(s) of the cerebrum associated with anger, fear, and sorrow is (are) the: limbic system.
The phrenic nerve is found in the _____ plexus. cervical
The main divisions of the central nervous system are the: brain and spinal cord.
Visceral effectors are innervated by sympathetic fibers. True
The peripheral nervous system includes: only cranial nerves, spinal nerves, and their branches.
The pyramids are formed in the: Medulla.
Impulses from which system play a part in arousing or alerting the cerebrum? Reticular activating system
Which plexus contains nerves that innervate the lower part of the shoulder and the entire arm? Brachial
The cranial nerve that arises from the spinal cord is the: accessory.
The nerve commonly called the vagus nerve is the _____ cranial. Tenth
The cervical plexus: is found deep in the neck, is formed by the ventral rami of the first four cervical nerves and part of C5, and includes the phrenic nerve.
Several “vital centers” are located in the: medulla.
The lumbar plexus gives rise to the _____ nerve. femoral
Cerebrospinal fluid is found in all of the following except the: subdural space.
Which of the following is not true of the lateral corticospinal tract fibers? Most inhibit the lower motor neuron.
The layer of the meninges that serves as the inner periosteum of the cranial bone is the: dura mater.
Some parasympathetic postganglionic neurons have their cell bodies in nuclei in the brainstem. False
Conduction to autonomic effectors requires only one efferent neuron. False
Created by: Sandoval.Sam
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