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healthcare systems and settings

nurse practitioners provide basic patient care services, including diagnosing and prescribing medications for common illnesses. Require advanced academic training beyond the RN degree and have an extensive amount of clinical experience. Focus on preventive care.
physician assistants practice medicine under the direction and supervision of a licensed MD or DO. Are able to make clinical decisions and be responsible for a variety of services.
Medical laboratory technicians perform diagnostic testing on blood, bodily fluids and other specimens under the supervision of a medical technologist.
Medical receptionists check patients in and out, answer phones, perform billing, faxing and other tasks.
occupational therapists assist patients who have developed conditions that disable them developmentally, emotionally, mentally, or physically.
pharmacy technician assist pharmacists with duties that do not require the expertise or judgment of a licensed pharmacist.
physical therapists assist patients in regaining their mobility and improving their strength and range of motion.
radiology technicians use various types of imaging equipment to assist the provider in diagnosing and treating certain diseases.
Medical Doctors (MDs) are considered allopathic providers and are the most widely recognized type of doctor. they diagnose illnesses, provide treatments, perform procedures such as surgical interventions, and write prescriptions.
Osteopathic providers (DOs) complete requirements that are similar to those of MDs to graduate and practice medicine. In addition to using modern medicine and surgical procedures, DOs use osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT) in treating their patients.
ambulatory able to walk
allopathic homeopathic medicine; categorized by an effort to counteract symptoms of a disease by administration of treatments that produce effects opposite to the symptoms,
The role of a Medical Assistant (MA) primarily to work alongside a provider in an outpatient or ambulatory setting.
osteopathic a type of medicine based on the concept that disturbances in the musculoskeletal system affects other bodily parts, causing many disorders that can be improved by various manipulative methods
scope of practice describes the duties that can be delegated to MAs based on their education, training, and experience.
standard of care the degree of care or competence expected in particular circumstance or role
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