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Prefix, Suffix, Roots, etc.

erythro red
gingiva gum
plasty surgical repair
gloss tongue
ectomy surgical removal
cephal head
psych mind, soul
ped, pod foot
leuko white
linqua tongue
mamm, mast breast
oophor, ovario ovary
odont, dent tooth
trach trachea
cranio skull
cyan blue
cyte cell
derma, derm skin
entero intestine
itis inflammation
pathy disease
oma tumor
semi half
bi both, two
rhin nose
cardio heart
duo two
ego self
equ equal
hemo, hema, hem blood
hydro, hydr water
mater mother
neuro nerve
ology study of
scope picture, inspection
algia pain
emia blood
arterio artery
carcin cancer
uria urine
mega/macro large
micro small
neo new
gastro stomach
myo muscle
ocul, opthal eye
hepat liver
cerebro brain
sub below
osis condition of
pater father
port carry
aqua, aque water
biblio book
bio life
brev short
epidemi among the people
toxic poisonous
oto ear
myelo bone marrow
stric narrowing
viscera organ
salpingo tube
thorac thorax, chest
albin white
encephalo brain
litho stone
hom same
Oo egg
septic infection
chem drug
chole gall, bile
colo colon
costo ribs
cysto bladder, sac
gram, graph pictures, record
ologist specialist
stasis stoppage
hypo deficient, below, less than
inter between
later side
lipo fat
mal bad, difficult
glyco sugar
retro backward, behind
a, an without
diplo double
brady slow
circum round
contra against
di two
dic speak, say
duc, duct lead
dynam power
fac make, do
fil threadlike
frater brother
gam marriage
geo earth
glyph vertical groove
grad, gress step
graph writing, printing
gym naked
gyn woman
holo whole, entire
iso equal, identical
ject throw
jud judge
leg, lect read, choose
liter letter
loc place
log word
luc light
magn large
man hand
mar sea
mere part, segment
meta, met behind, between
metri, meter measure
min small
mit, miss send
mob, mot, mov move
mon warn
mor, mort death
morph form, structure
mut change
nomen/nomin name
nov new
nym, onym word, name
cide causing death
iasis abnormal condition
dipsia thirst
emesis vomit
genesis, genic origin, source
esthesia sensation
ia a disease
oid like, similar
megaly enlarged
ism state of
lysis destruction
malacia softening
dox belief, opinion
odonto tooth
ortho straight, correct
alter other
dys painful, difficult
arthro joint
phleb vein
mono, uni one, single
peri around
poly many, much
post behind, after
pre before, in front of
pro forward
pseudo false
angio blood vessel
pneumo, pulm lung
trans across
ultra beyond, excess
tachy fast
tele distant, far
ab away from
ad toward
ante before
anti against
ase enzyme
orrhea flow
orrhagia hemorrhage
centre puncture
a, ac, al pertaining to
penia deficiency
phea breathing
plegia stroke, paralysis
phobia fear
ptosis drooping down
aut self
ostomy surgical opening
sclerosis hardening
trophy development, growth
aden gland
ecto outside
endo, intra inside
epi upper, above
hemi half
hyper excessive, above, more than
osteo bone
pac peace
path feeling, suffering
pel, puls push
pend hang, weigh
phon, phono sound, voice
plan flat
pot power
pygna fight
quer, quis ask
scent, scend climb
schizo, schic division, split
sci know
sciss cut
scrib, script write
sec, sect cut
sed, sess sit
sens, sent feel, be aware
sequ, secu follow
serv serve, protect
simil same
siphon tube
sol sun
son sound
soph wisdom, knowledge
spec, spic look, see
spir coil or breathe
spond, spons promise,answer for
spont by one's own force
stat stay, position
tang, tact touch
temp time
ten, tent hold
terr earth
theo god, deity
therm heat
trophy nutrition, food
uro urine
vac empty
ven, vent come, go
ver truth
vert turn
ann, enni year
anthrop human, man
vit life
ami, amic love
amphi both ends or all sides
arch chief, leader, ruler
arthro joint
aud sound
bell war
cap take, seize
carn meat
ced yield, go
chrom color
chron time
cogn know
cord/chord cord
crac, crat ruler
cred believe
cruc cross
crusta shell
crypt hidden
culp guilt
demo people
dei good
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