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CH 35 Card Mod IV

CH 35 Cardiac Laboratory tests

use to determine acid base balance Arterial Blood Gases
which organ regulates PaCO2? Which one regulates HCO3 lungs; kidneys
ABG pre-op 1) tell pt of ARTERIAL PUNCTURE 2) obtain HEPARINIZED syringe and draw sample
ABG post-op 1) REMOVE AIR BUBBLES from sample 2) place TUBE ON ICE and send for IMMEDIATE analysis 3) apply PRESSURE to puncture for 5 mins. 4) report results
Pulse ox measures ____ ____ saturation arterial oxygen
metabolic range of HCO3 35-45
PaCO2 range 22-26
substance that is released when cardiac cells die as a result of damage cardiac enzymes
3 areas where creatine phosphokinase found in high concentrations: brain, heart, skeletal muscle
type of creatine phosphokinase (CPK) specific to heart tissue is: CPK-MB
CPK rise, peak, return to normal: 4-6 hours after AMI, 12-24hrs, RETURN TO NORMAL in 2-3 days
Name two cardiac protein markers troponin and myoglobin
protein involved in contraction of muscles Troponin T and I
Troponin is released into circulation after what event AMI
T or F: Normal levels of troponin are detectable in healthy individuals false: troponin is usually not detectable in healthy individuals
T or false: Troponin elevate significantly with angina and AMI false: elevates significantly with AMI only and lesser with angina
Which lab test is done in an emergency department and why? troponin because it is quicker than enzymes (slower than myoglobin..myo is the fastest but not specific to the heart)
CPK pre-op 1) tell that blood sample is drawn 2) no special prep 3)draw specimen before other invasive procedure to detect AMI
CPK post-op 1) check VENIPUNCTURE 2) apply pressure when oozing
Troponin pre-op tell blood will be drawn; no special prep
troponin post-op same as cardiac enzymes
protien released very quickly after an AMI: the fastest Myoglobin
T or F: myoglobin lvls elevate after muscle damage of any cause True, it is elevated with any muscle because it is not specific to the heart muscle
Mrs. Gorcyca said that with myoglobin other tests are ordered: name 3 1) MRI 2) troponin 3) CPK
myoglobin post and pre op same as troponin
What are the 5 things included in CBC tests: hint first is WBC WBC, RBC, Hematocrit, hemoglobin, platelet
this count indicates body's ability to defend itself, give the normal range WBC = 5,000-10,000
in what two conditions are WBC elevated according to the book? what conditions are WBC below normal 1) inflammatory processes such as AMI and bacterial infection 2) viral infection and bone marrow depression
determines ability of blood to carry O2 from lungs to tissues and CO2 to lungs; give normal range RBC = 3,600,000-5,400,000 ....lots of zeros
RBCs are below when and elevated when below = anemias, malignancies; elevated = dehydration
percentage of packed RBCs; give normal range Hct = 37-54%
transports O2 to cells; give normal range hgb = 12-17.5
T or F: HGB is elevated in COPD, Dehydration and CHF True
what level of HGB leads to heart failure less than (<) 5
smallest element in blood necessary for coagulaton; normal range is platelets= 150,000-350,000
anemia and bleeding range below normal platelet, RBC, Hct, Hgb
during some heart disease and acute infections, platelet counts are elevated or depressed? elevated
battery test measuring serum lipids Lipid profile
what are the 3 most common lipids cholesterol, triglycerides, and lipoprotiens
normal adult serum lvl of cholesterol is: less than 200md/dL
Elevated cholesterol lvls are associated w/ risks for 3 conditions AMI, hypertnesion, CAD
HDLs and LDLs are associated w/ what cardiac disorder CAD
give levels for HDL, LDL, and Triglyceride levels HDL= greater than 40; LDL less than 100; less than 150
what can you do to raise low lvls of HDL physical activity at least 30 q day; no smoking; losing weight
Lipid pre op 1) tell pt expect venipuncture 2) NPO 12HR BEFORE SAMPLE DRAWN 3) USUAL DIET for 2 weeks before procedure
lipid post op same as cardiac enzymes
a cardiac hormone released during ventricular dilation and stretch (HF) BNP = B-type natriuretic peptide
an acute phase protein and marker of inflammation CRP= C-reactive protein
CRP can indicate what cardiac disorder acute coronary syndrome ACS
BNP and CRP pre-op tell blood is drawn, no special prep
BNP & CRP post op same as cardiac enzyme
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