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Skin Recap

How many layers of the skin is there? Three
How many layers of the epidermis is there? Five
Name the 1st layer of the epidermis Stratum Corneum
Which layer of the epidermis is most prominent on the palms of hand and soles of the feet Stratum Lucidum
Name the 2nd layer of the epidermis Stratum Lucidum
Name the 3rd layer of the epidermis Stratum Granulosum
Name the 4th layer of the epidermis Stratum Spinosum
Name the 5th layer of the epidermis Stratum Germinative
Which layer in the epidermis does mitosis take place? The 5th layer ( germinative layer)
Which layer of the skin are the nerve endings located? The dermis
What is the fatty layer known as? The subcutaneous layer
What structures in the dermis control the internal body temperature? The sweat gland and the hair follicle/erector pilli muscle
How does our skin help to produce vitamin D? Absorption of the UV rays
What do we secrete through the skin? Sebum
Where is the sebum produced? In the dermis layer from the sebaceous gland
Why doe we have melanin? It gives us the colour of our hair and skin and provides us with protection against the UV rays
Which skin type starts to produce less collagen, loses the elasticity and contours to start to sag Mature skin
Which ethnic skin type has a thick epidermis, large pores, oily skin and ages the slowest African caribbean
Which ethnic skin type has a thinner epidermis and ages the quickest and is prone to skin cancer Caucasian skin
What is the blood system known as the cardiovascular system
What is the blood protecting the body against infection
What does the blood regulate body temp, balances body fluid, salts, PH balance
What is clotting of the blood known as coagulation
What are the 4 components of the blood red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets
What is the waste gas called that is created when carbon mixes with oxygen carbon dioxide
Where do white blood cells originate from? The bone marrow
Created by: lberry76
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