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How many bones are in the appendicular skeleton? 126
What three parts make up the appendicular skeleton? 1. limbs 2. pectoral girdle 3. pelvic girdle
What is another name for the pectoral girdle? Shoulder girdle
What two bones make up the pectoral girdle? 1. clavicle 2. scapula
What is another name for the clavicle? collarbone
What is another name for the scapula? shoulder blade
What is the name of the bone in the upper arm? humerus
What are the two bones in the lower arm? 1. Ulna 2. Radius
What is the name of the bone on the thumb side of arm? Radius
What is the name of the bone on the pinky side of the arm? Ulna
How many carpals do you have? 8
Where are the carpals located? Wrist
How many metacarpals do you have? 5
Where are the metacarpals located? palm of the hand
How many phalanges do you have in the hand? 14
How many are in your fingers? 12
How many are in the thumb? 2
What are the bones in the pelvic girdle? 2 coxal bones, sacrum
What bone is added to the coxal bones and the sacrum to make the pelvis? coccyx
What bones make up the coxal bones? 1. ilium 2. ischium 3. pubis
Why is the pelvis so broad and wide? it supports the weight of the entire upper body
What organs does the pelvis protect? 1. reproductive organs 2. urinary bladder 3. part of the large intestine
For what main purpose is the female's pelvis different from the male's pelvis? childbirth
What is the heaviest and strongest bone in the body? femur
What are the two bones in the lower leg? 1. Tibia 2. Fibula
Which one has no role in forming the knee? fibula
How many tarsals do you have? 7
What are the two largest tarsals? 1. calcaneus 2. talus
Which tarsal is the "heel bone" calcaneus
How many metatarsals do you have? 5
Where are the metatarsals located? sole of the foot
How many phalanges do you have in the foot? 14
How many arches do you have in your feet? 3
Joints are also known as what? articulations
What are the two functions of joints? 1. hold bones together 2. allow for mobility
What two ways are joints classified? 1. functionally 2. structurally
Functional joints are broken down into 3 classifications: 1. synarthroses 2. amphiarthroses 3. diathroses
Structural joints are broken down into 3 classifications: 1. fibrous 2. cartilaginous 3. synovial
Name a type of fibrous joint. sutures, syndesmoses, gomphoses
What 4 distinguishing features make ups a synovial joint? 1. articular cartilage 2. Articular capsule 3. joint cavity 4. reinforcing ligaments
Give an example of a synovial joint. shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, etc
Name three types of synovial joint based on shape. 1. plane 2. hinge 3. pivot 4. condylar 5. saddle 6. ball and socket
What are the first long bones of the fetus made of? Hyaline cartilage
What are the first flat bones of the fetus made of? fibrous membranes
What is the name for the "soft spots" in a baby's skull? fontanels
At what age is the skull near adult size? 8-9
When you are born, what parts of your body are proportionally larger? head and torso
What is the name of the condition that causes bone thinning? osteoporosis
What percentage of women over age 65 does it affect? 50%
What percentage of men over age 70 does it affect? 20%
Created by: hrosa
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