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salpingectomy salping/ectomy excision of the uterine/fallopian tube
colpocleisis colp/o/cleisis surgical closure of the vagina
mastopexy mast/o/pexy surgical fixation of the breast
mastalgia mast/algia pain in the breast
hematosalpinx hemat/o/salpinx blood in the uterine/fallopian tube
myometritis my/o/metr/itis inflammation of the uterine muscle
hydrosalpinx hydro/salpinx water in the uterin/fallopian tube
colporrhaphy colp/o/rrhaphy suturing of (a tear in) the vagina
pelviscopic pelv/i/scop/ic pertaining to visual examination of the pelvic cavity
vaginitis vagin/itis inflammation of the vagina
pelviscopy pelv/i/scopy visual examination of the pelvic cavity
hysteropexy hyster/o/pexy surgical fixation of the uterus
mammogram mamm/o/gram radiographic image of the breast
trachelectomy trachel/ectomy excision of the cervix
cervicitis cervic/itis inflammation of the cervix
leukorrhea leuk/o/rrhea white discharge
oophorectomy oophor/ectomy excision of the ovary
perimetritis peri/metr/itis inflammation surrounding the uterus
colpoperineorrhaphy colp/o/perine/o/rrhaphy suturing of the vagina and the perineum
vulvovaginitis vulv/o/vagin/itis inflammation of the vulva and vagina
vulvectomy vulv/ectomy excision of the vulva
menometrorrhagia men/o/metr/o/rrhagia excessive bleeding from the uterus at menstruation
vulvovaginal vulv/o/vagin/al pertaining to the vulva and vagina
endometriosis endometri/osis abnormal condition of the endometrium
gynopathic gyn/o/path/ic pertaining to the women
hysteroscope hyster/o/scope instrument used for visual examination of the uterus
gynecologist gynec/o/logist specialist or physician who studies and treats disorders and diseases of women
mammoplasty mamm/o/plasty surgical repair of the breast
amenorrhea a/men/o/rrhea absence of menstrual flow
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