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Anatomy Ch. 3b Cells

Final review vocab

involved in diffusion simple squamous epithelium
forms the stroma (framework) of many organs reticular connective
found in kidney tubules, involved in absorption simple cuboidal epithelium
composes the intervertegral discs fibrocartilage
fat storage adipose
waterproofs the skin keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
stores red bone marrow;protects and supports bone
nonstriated, involuntary smooth muscle
langerhans cell functions in the immune responses
merkel cell touch receptor found in the epidermis
keratin waterproofing protein of skin and hair
melanin yellow to black pigment
Pacinian corpuscle nerve endings sensitive to pressure
cerumen earwax
carotene yellow-orange pigment
striae silvery white streaks
meissner corpuscle touch receptors found in the dermal papillae
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