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Week 5

Skeletal tissues and skeleton

What structures normally hold the foot bones firmly in their arched positions? ligaments and tendons
Fibrocartilage can be found in the symphysis pubis
Which bone is the longest and heaviest bone in the body? Femur
Which of the following is not a type of bone? regular
Compact bone contains many cylinder-shaped structural units called Osteons
The dense, white fibrous membrane that covers bone except at joint surfaces is the Periosteum.
The medial part of the anterior chest wall is supported by a dagger-shaped bone called sternum.
Which of these pelvic bones is the most anteriorly placed? pubis
The extracellular components of bone matrix are hard and calcified
Which of the following is a bone in the axial skeleton? vertebra
The bone that claims the distinction of being the only bone in the body that articulates with no other bones is the Hyoid
Spongy bone is characterized by open spaces partially filled by an assemblage of needle-like structures.
The joint between the pubic portions of each coxal bone is the pubic symphysis
Bone marrow is a specialized type of soft, diffuse connective tissue called myeloid tissue.
Which of the following is(are) not in the appendicular skeleton? vertebrae
Which of the following is not a bone in the leg? Mandible
Anatomically speaking, which bones compose the wrist? Carpals
The human skeleton system consists of two divisions. They are axial and appendicular.
The very small bone that lies just posterior and lateral to each nasal bone is the lacrimal.
Which two bones compose the shoulder girdle? clavicle and scapula
Which two bones join to form the posterior part of the hard palate? Palatine
The largest sesamoid bone in the body is the Patella
The two bones that form the framework for the forearm are the radius and ulna
If you are working on an archeological dig and find the remains of a human pelvis with a subpubic angle of 110 degrees, you can assume that this pelvis belongs to a female.
Anteriorly, each rib of the first seven pairs attaches to the Sternum
The most common type of cartilage is Hyaline
Of the five metacarpal bones that form the framework of the hand, the _____ metacarpal forms the most freely movable joint with the carpal bones. Thumb
The bone that articulates with the temporal bone in the only movable joint of the skull is Mandible
Which lower leg bone is smaller and is located laterally? Fibula
Which of the following is not a bone in the skull? clavicle
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