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Week 4

Tissue types and skin

The union of basal and fibroreticular laminae forms the basement membrane
The _____ junction “glues” the epidermis and dermis together and provides mechanical support for the epidermis dermoepidermal
The basic determinant of skin color is melanin.
Which of the following contains intercalated disks? cardiac muscle
Which of the following is the most superficial layer of the epidermis? stratum corneum
What is an example of a serous membrane? Pleura, peritoneum, and pericardium
A lubricating substance produced by goblet cells is called Mucus
The strongest and most durable type of cartilage is fibrocartilage
Stratified squamous (keratinized) epithelial cells are found in the Epidermis
The structure that lies deep to the dermis and forms a connection between the skin and the underlying structures of the body is the Hypodermis
The two main layers that compose the skin are the dermis and Epidermis
Each hair follicle has a small bundle of involuntary muscles attached to it called the arrector pili muscle
The two major categories of body membranes are epithelial and connective
The dermis is composed of two layers, a thin papillary layer and a thick _____ layer. reticular
Which of the following is not a principal type of tissue? Cardiac
The mixed secretions of sebaceous and ceruminous glands form a brown waxy substance called the cerumen.
Of the many different kinds of protein compounds in the body, which is the most abundant? collagen
Which principal type of tissue covers and protects body surfaces and lines body cavities? epithelial
Which of the following tissues lacks a direct blood supply and consequently heals very slowly? Cartilage
The tip of the nose and the external ear are composed of elastic cartilage
The epidermis is composed of several types of epithelial cells. One type, called keratinocytes, become filled with a tough, fibrous protein called Keratin.
Which of the following contains osteocytes? bone
The fluid environment that fills the spaces between the cells of the body is called extracellular matrix.
Which type of tissue has cube-shaped cells and can be found lining the kidney tubules? simple cuboidal epithelium
The most abundant and widespread tissue in the body is Connective
Adipose tissue is a storage tissue.
The skin glands include three kinds of microscopic glands. They are the __________ glands. sweat, sebaceous, and ceruminous
Besides water, extracellular matrix contains proteins and proteoglycans.
Cells in a tissue are surrounded by or embedded in a complex extracellular material called a matrix
Which of the following is not a primary germ layer? Epiderm
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