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Week 3

Cellular Structure

What is not true of the rough endoplasmic reticulum? It makes lipids and carbohydrates.
The barrier function of the plasma membrane is accomplished by the: phospholipid bilayer.
The cell extension that assists epithelial cells in absorption is called: microvilli.
The structure that separates the contents of a cell from the surrounding tissue is known as: plasma membrane.
Which cell fiber serves as part of our “cellular muscles? Microfilament
What recognizes and destroys nonself cells? Immune cells
Which are the organelles that allow for the recycling of amino acids in the cell? Proteasomes
A list of the cell fibers from largest to smallest would read: microtubules, intermediate filaments, microfilaments.
Which organelles consist of vesicles that have pinched off from the Golgi apparatus? Lysosomes
Projections from the cell that move materials and mucus are called: cilia.
The structure in cells that is associated with the enzymatic breakdown (digestion) of foreign material is the: Lysosome.
The membranous structure containing substances that protect the cell from harm are: Peroxisomes and lysosomes.
The ____ is often called the microtubule organizing center. centrosome
The cell extension that contains microfilaments is called: Microvilli
The nucleolus is composed chiefly of: rRNA.
Which of the following organelles is considered a non membranous organelle? Ribosome
Tiny indentations of the plasma membrane that resemble caves are called: caveolae
Rafts are stiff groupings of membrane molecules. What is their function? Help organize the various components of the plasma membrane, Play an important role in the pinching of a parent cell into two daughter cells, and Sometimes allow the cell to form depressions that form a means of carrying substances into the cell
Which organelle processes and packages material to be secreted? Golgi apparatus
The identification function of the cell membrane is carried out by the: glycoprotein molecules.
Skin cells (epithelial) are held tightly together by: desmosomes
Granules or threads within the nucleus are called: chromatin.
In the cell membrane, the hydrophilic part of the phospholipid molecule: faces the exterior of the cell and faces the interior of the cell.
Main cell structures include all of the following except: interstitial fluid.
Which of the following is not true about ribosomes? Surrounded by a membrane structure
DNA is a major constituent of which cell organelle? Nucleus
Damage to the centrosome and centrioles in a cell would have the greatest impact on which cell function? Cell division
The enzyme catalase is an important chemical in the functioning of the: peroxisomes.
ATP production occurs within which organelle? Mitochondrion
The fundamental organizational unit of life is the: Cell.
Which of the following does not describe a structure or function of the proteasome? Breaking down abnormal and misfolded proteins released from the ER, Looks like a hollow cylindrical drum made of protein subunits, and Requires the small protein called ubiquitin to pull proteins in
Which of the following is not a function of the integral membrane proteins? Acting as receptors, Signal transduction, and Identification of “self”
A specialized cell structure that propels the sperm is the: flagellum
Which of the following is not a function of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum? Provides a site for ribosome attachment
The inner membrane of what double-membrane structure is contorted into folds called cristae? Mitochondrion
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