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Tissue and Organization

The study of tissues and their relationship within organs is called histology
Contains keratinized stratified squamous epithelial tissue and is relatively dry compared to other membranes of the body Cutaneous membrane
Example of a supporting connective tissue? Cartilage
A ____ is formed when a sperm fertilizes an oocyte and forms a diploid cell zygote
The simple squamous epithelium that lines blood and lymphatic vessels is called endothelium
The function of a ____ is to attach muscle to bone tendon
The three types of muscle tissue are skeletal, smooth, cardiac
Produce fibers and ground substance Fibroblast
Store lipid reserves adipocytes
These large cells phagocytize damaged cells and pathogens Fixed microphages
Functions of connective tissue Binding and support of structures Storage and Transport Physical protection
What type of epithelium contains cells able to withstand a significant amount of stretch? Transitional
The two categories of connective tissue dense, loose
____ tissues function to support tissues and bind structures together connective
Locations of smooth muscle tissue Wall of stomach Wall of urinary bladdar walls of blood vessels
Transport O2 and CO2 between lungs and body tissue Erythrocytes
Blood clotting agents Platelets
Three locations of areolar connective tissue Surrounding blood vessels Dermis of the skin Subcutaneous layer deep to the skin
The ____ membrane is commonly called skin cutaneous
What secretes mucin Goblet cells
Exposed to surface or lumen Apical
Have intercellular connections Lateral
Where epithelium is attached to underlying connective tissue Basal layer
A ____ epithelium is found in areas likely to be subjected to abrasive activities and mechanical stress stratified
The long nerve cell process that extends from the cell which carries outgoing signals to other cells is called an axon
_____ occurs when mature epithelium changes to another form of mature epithelium due to environmental stressors Metaplasia
Hyaline cartilage is located In the nose In costal cartilage In the fetal skeleton At the end of long bones
The simple squamous epithelium that lines blood and lymphatic vessels is called an endothelium
____ epithelial tissue lines the urinary bladdar transitional
Sac that produce secretions of multicellular exocrine glands are acini
The opposite of hypertrophy is called Atrophy
The primary germ layer that will give rise to the lining of the blood vessels is the Mesoderm
T or F: Mucous connective tissue is the first type to emerge in the developing embryo False
Examples of resident cells of connective tissue proper Fibroblast Mesenchymal cells Adipocytes
____ connective tissue has branching elastic fibers and more fibroblasts than loose connective tissue in addition to packed collagen fibers Elastic
_____ glands are composed of cells that accumulate their secretory products with the apical portion of their cytoplasm; the secretion of these glands contains the apical portion of the cells Apocrine
____ is when there is an increase in the number of cells due to mitosis hyperplasia
_____ connective tissue contains a meshwork or reticular fibers, fibroblasts, and abundant leukocytes Reticular
Dense irregular connective tissue is found in The dermis of the skin
Mast cell release heparin and _____ to stimulate local inflammation histamine
_____ _____ epithelium is fairly rare in the body and is found in the ducts of the salivary glands stratified columnar
What type of gland secretes a mixture of cell fragments and the product of the cell synthesized before its disintegration Holocrine
Cells that move throughout connective tissues and are involved in immune protection are wandering cells
A ______ gland is a type of exocrine gland that packages its secretions into secretory vescicles merocrine
Cells of connective tissue that are stationary and help support, maintain, and repair extracellular matrix are resident cells
These connective tissue cells form antibodies that bind to foreign substances, bacteria and viruses Plasma cells
The primary germ layer responsible for forming the brain and spinal cord ectoderm
T or F: Mammary gland is a type of apocrine gland. True
Which connective tissue type forms the stroma of many lymphatic organs Reticular
An example of a merocrine gland is lacrimal glands
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