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Creative Chapter 8

Medical Terminology

What is blast/o? germ or bud
What is the prefix for color? chrom/o, chromat/o
What is chyl/o? juice
What is cyt/o? cell
What is the circulating tissue of the body consisting of fluid with formed elements (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets) suspended in the fluid? blood
What is the liquid portion of the blood and lymph; contains water, proteins, and cellular components (i.e., white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets)? plasma
What is the liquid portion of the blood that remains after clotting? serum
What transports oxygen and carbon dioxide; also called erythrocyte? red blood cells (RBC)
What is the the protein-iron compound in erythrocytes that transports oxygen and carbon dioxide? hemoglobin
What protects the body from harmful invading substances; also called leukocyte? white blood cell
What is a granular leukocyte, named for the neutral stain of its granules that fights infection by swallowing bacteria (phagocytosis)? neutrophil
What is another term for neutrophil, referring to the many segments in its nucleus? polymorphonuclear (PMN) leukocyte
What is a granular leukocyte, named for the dark stain of its granules, that brings anticoagulant substances to inflamed tissues> basophil
What is a group of leukocytes without granules in their nuclei? agranulocytes
What is an agranulocytic leukocyte that performs phagocytosis to fight infection? monocyte
What are cell fragments in the blood that are essential for blood clotting (coagulation); also called thrombocytes? platelets
What Consists of lymph vessels, nodes, and tissues through which lymph drains into the blood? lymphatic system
What is the primary gland of the lymphatic system, located within the mediastinum, that helps to maintain the body's immune response by producing T lymphocytes? thymus
What is an organ between the stomach and the diaphragm that filters out aging blood cells, removes cellular debris by phagocytosis, and provides an environment for lymphocytes to initiate immune responses? spleen
What is fluid that is circulated through the lymph vessels? lymph
What is the white or pale yellow substance in lymph that contains fatty substances absorbed by the lacteals? chyle
What is the collecting channels that carry lymph from the lymph nodes to the veins? lymph ducts
What is the process of disease protection induced by exposure to an antigen? immunity
What is a substance that, when introduced into the body, causes the formation of antibodies against it? antigen
What is a long-lasting immunity that results from stimulating the body to produce its own antibodies; developed either naturally, in response to an infection, or artificially, in response to the administration of a vaccine? active immunity
What is a short-lasting immunity that results from foreign antibodies that are conveyed either naturally, through the placenta to a fetus, or artificially, by injection of a serum containing antibodies? passive immunity
What is the presence of small red blood cells? microcytosis
What is anisocytosis? presence of red blood cells of unequal size
What is an increased number of immature erythrocytes in the blood? reticulocytosis
What is lymphocytopenia? an abnormally reduced number of lymphocytes
Created by: aminaa
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