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cryptorchidism crypt/orchid/ism state of hidden testis
anorchism an/orch/ism state of absence of testis
orchiotomy orchi/o/tomy incision into the testis
epididymitis epididym/itis inflammation of the epididymis
orchialgia orchi/algia pain in the testis
orchitis orch/itis inflammation of the testis
orchiopexy orchi/o/pexy surgical fixation of the testicle
prostatorrhea prostat/o/rrhea discharge from the prostate gland
orchiectomy orchi/ectomy excision of the testis
vesiculectomy vesicul/ectomy excision of the seminal vesicle
prostatovesiculitis prostat/o/vesicul/itis inflammation of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles
prostatolith prostat/o/lith stone(s) in the prostate gland
andropathy andr/o/pathy disease of male
prostatolithotomy prosat/o/lith/o/tomy incision into the prostate gland to remove stones
prostatocystitis prostat/o/cyst/itis inflammation of the prostate gland and urinary bladder
balanorrhea balan/o/rrhea discharge from the glans penis
epididymectomy epididym/ectomy excision of the epididymis
aspermia a/sperm/ia condition of without sperm
balanitis balan/itis inflammation of the glans penis
vasectomy vas/ectomy excision of a duct
prostatitis prostat/itis inflammation of the prostate gland
transurethral trans/urethr/al pertaining to through the urethra
oligospermia olig/o/sperm/ia condition of scanty sperm
benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) benign prostat/ic hyper/plasia (BPH) excessive development pertaining to the prostate gland
orchiditis orchid/itis inflammation of the testis
orchiepididymitis orchi/epididym/itis inflammation of the tested and epididymis
balanoplasty balan/o/plasty surgical repair of the glans penis
vasovasostomy vas/o/vas/o/stomy creation of an artificial opening between ducts (restores fertility to males who have had a vasectomy)
orchioplasty orchi/o/plasty surgical repair of the testis
spermatolysis spermat/o/lysis dissolution (destruction) of sperm
enucleation excision of a whole organ or mass without cutting into it
ablation destruction of abnormal or excessive tissue by eroding, vaporizing or melting
variocele enlarged veins of the spermatic cord
infertility inability to achieve pregnancy
hydrocele fluid-filled sac around the testicle
coitus sexual intercourse between male and female
sterility a condition of being unable to conceive or reproduce the species
hydrocelectomy surgical removal of a fluid-filled sac around the testicle causing scrotal swelling (hydrocele)
circumcision surgical removal of the prepuce (foreskin)
condom sheath (cover) for penis worn during coitus to prevent conception and spread of sexually transmitted infection
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