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Unit 2 Vocabulary

Voting, Electoral College, Media and Voter Roles

precinct geographic area that contains a specific number of voters
registrar government official responsible for ensuring citizens are legally registered to vote
voter turnout percentage of registered voters who actually vote
electors official voters chosen by popular vote who elect the President and Vice President
Electoral College group of electors who gather to officially elect the President and Vice President
majority greater than half (270 electoral votes)
primary first election where parties choose a candidate
winner-take-all candidate who wins the majority of the votes in a state gets all of the electoral votes
mass media means of communication that reaches large numbers of people
propaganda ideas or tactics used to influence an individual
op-ed piece newspaper article that offers opinions of average people
editorial the editor of a newspaper or news outlet expresses his or her opinion
blog website run by an individual or group who expresses their views and observations about various issues
bias one-sides, or slanted, point of view
reasoned choices decisions made based on information
Created by: MsCarawan