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aphonia a/phon/ia condition of absence of voice
diaphragmatocele diaphragmat/o/cele hernia of the diaphragm
endotracheal endo/trach/eal pertaining to within the trachea
pneumonia pneumon/ia diseased state of lung
bronchoalveolar bronch/o/alveol/ar pertaining to the bronchi and alveoli
apnea a/pnea absence of breathing
tracheostenosis trache/o/stenosis narrowing of the trachea
thoracic thorac/ic pertaining to the chest
respirology respir/o/logy the study of breathing disorders and disease
diaphragmatic diaphragmat/ic pertaining to the diaphragm
laryngoscope laryng/o/scope instrument used for visual examination of the larynx
lobectomy lob/ectomy excision of the lobe(s)
pleuritic pleurit/ic pertaining to the pleura
rhinitis rhin/itis inflammation of the nose
bronchospasm bronch/o/spasm spasmodic contraction of the bronchi
pneumatocele penumat/o/cele hernia of the lung
rhinorrhea rhin/o/rrhea discharge from the nose
sonogram son/o/gram the record of sound
adenoiditis adenoid/itis inflammation of the adenoids
hypoxia hyp/ox/ia *rebel* condition of deficient oxygen
nasopharyngitis nas/o/pharyng/itis inflammation of the nose and pharynx
orthopnea orth/o/pnea breathing is easier in a straight position
epiglottitis epiglott/itis inflammation of the epiglottis
laryngospasm laryng/o/spasm spasmodic contraction of the larynx
hemothorax hem/o/thorax blood in the chest cavity
endoscope endo/scope instrument used to view within (a hollow organ or cavity)
pleuropexy pleur/o/pexy surgical fixation of the pleura
laryngoplasty laryng/o/plasty surgical repair of the larynx
mucous muc/ous pertaining to mucus
hypoxemia hyp/ox/emia *Rebel does not follow the rules* condition of deficient oxygen in the blood
tonsillitis tonsill/itis inflammation of the tonsils
thoracoscope thorac/o/scope instrument used to visualize the chest cavity
tachypnea tachy/pnea rapid breathing
atelectasis atel/ectasis incomplete expansion
eupnea eu/pnea normal breathing
tracheostomy trache/o/stomy creation of an artificial opening into the trachea
pharyngitis pharyng/itis inflammation of the pharynx
thoracoscopy thorac/o/scopy visual examination of the chest cavity
phrenospasm phren/o/spasm spasm of the diaphragm
thoracocentesis thorac/o/centesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid (from the chest cavity)
pneumothorax pneum/o/thorax air in the chest cavity
laryngotracheobronchitis (LTB) laryng/o/trache/o/bronch/itis inflammation of the laryn, trachea, and bronchi
bronchopneumonia bronch/o/pneumon/ia diseased state of bronchi and lungs
nasopharyngeal nas/o/pharyng/eal pertaining to the nose and pharynx
laryngostomy laryng/o/stomy creation of an artificial opening in to the larynx
radiologist radi/o/logist physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disease using medical imaging
tonsillectomy tonsill/ectomy excision of the tonsils
bronchogenic carcinoma bronch/o/genic carcin/oma cancerous tumour originating in a bronchus (lung cancer)
bronchiectasis bronchi/ectasis dilation of the bronchi
septotomy sept/o/tomy incision into the (nasal) septum
oximeter oxi/meter instrument used to mesure oxygen
radiography radi/o/graphy process of recording x-rays
septoplasty sept/o/plasty surgical repair of the septum
hypocapnia hypo/capn/ia condition of deficient (low levels) of carbond dioxide (in the blood)
lobar pneumonia lob/ar pneumon/ia disease state of the lung pertaining to the lobe(s)
laryngoscopy laryng/o/scopy process of viewing the larynx
pneumoconiosis pneum/o/coni/osis abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
hypercapnia hyper/capn/ia condition of excessive (greater than normal levels) carbon dioxide (in the blood)
bronchitis bronch/itis inflammation of the bronchus
anoxia an/ox/ia condition of absence (deficiency) of oxygen
adenoidectomy adenoid/ectomy excision of the adenoids
alveolitis alveol/itis inflammation of the alveoli
mucoid muc/oid resembling mucus
tracheitis trache/itis inflammation of the trachea
sinusitis sinus/itis inflammation of a sinus
spirometer spir/o/meter instrument used to measure breathing (lung volume)
acapnia a/capn/ia condition of absence (less than normal level) of carbon dioxide (in the blood)
laryngitis laryng/itis inflammation of the larynx
tracheoplasty trache/o/plasty surgical repair of the trachea
dyspnea dys/pnea Difficult or laboured breathing
hypopnea hypo/pnea deficient breathing
radiology radi/o/logy study of the use of radiant energy in diagnosing disease
rhinorrhagia rhin/o/rrhagia rapid flow of blood from the nose
endoscopic endo/scopic pertaining to view within (a hollow organ or cavity)
rhinoplasty rhin/o/plasty surgical repair of the nose
thoracentesis thora/centesis *Rebel** surgical puncture to aspirate fluid from chest cavity
respirologist respir/o/logist specialist who studies and treats disease and disorders related to breathing
thoracalgia thorac/algia pain in the chest
endoscopy endo/scopy visual examination within (a holow organ or cavity)
bronchoscope bronch/o/scope instrument used for visual examination of the bronchi
rhinomycosis rhin/o/myc/osis abnormal condition of fungus in the nose
interpleural inter/pleur/al pertaining to between the pleura (space between the pleural membranes)
spirometry spir/o/metry measuring breathing (air flow)
laryngeal laryng/eal pertaining to the larynx
pneumonectomy pneumon/ectomy excision of the lung
bronchoplasty bronch/o/plasty surgical repair of the bronchi
pneumonitis pneumon/itis inflammation of the lung
phrenalgia phren/algia pain in the diaphragm
laryngotracheotomy laryng/o/trache/o/tomy incision into the larynx and trachea
pyothorax py/o/thorax pus in the chest cavity
dysphonia dys/phon/ia condition of difficult speaking (voice)
polysomnography (PSG) poly/somn/o/graphy process of recording many (test) during sleep
sonography son/o/graphy process of recording sound
tracheotomy trache/o/tomy incision into the trachea
alveolar alveol/ar pertaining to the alveolus
pleuritis pleur/itis inflammation of the pleura
hematologist hemat/o/logist specialist in blood and blood disorders
thoracotomy thorac/o/tomy incision into the chest cavity
adenotome aden/o/tome *rebel does not follow rules instrument used to cut the adenoids
bronchoscopy bronch/o/scopy visual examination of the bronchi
hematology hemat/o/logy study of blood
capnometer capn/o/meter instrument used to measure carbon dioxide
pulmonary pulmon/ary pertaining to the lung(s)
tomography tom/o/graphy process of recording slices
aspirate suction of fluid, inhalation of fluid
asphyxia deprivation of oxygen to tissues, suffocation
epistaxis nose bleed (rhinorrhagia)
pulmonary edema fluid accumulation in alveoli and bronchioles (related to heart failure)
nebulizer device that creates a mist for giving respiratory treatment or medication
ventilator mechanical device that assist with breathing
upper respiratory infection infection of the nasal cavity, pharynx and larynx cause by a virus
stethoscope instrument used to hear internal body sounds
mucus slimy liquid secreted by mucous membranes
pleural effusion fluid in the pleural space (caused by disease or trauma)
nosocomial infection infection acquired in hospital
influenza (flu) highly contagious viral infection effecting the respiratory tract
pulmonary embolism (PE) blockage of pulmonary circulation to the lungs
sputum mucous secretion from lungs, bronchi, and trachea that is expelled through the mouth
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