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chem practical exam

chemistry practical exam

know what a pipet is .
know what a graduated pipet is .
know what a safety pipetting device is .
know what a graduated cylinder is .used for measuring
know what a florence flask is .
know what an erlenmeyer flask is for mixing/holding
know what a volumetric flask is measures amount the most accurate
know what a beaker is holds/mix
know what a tube is and tube rack .
know what a centrifuge tube is .
know how to read how many mL are in a graduated cylinder .
which piece of glassware would you use to measure 4mL of fluid smallest one
what is the curve of a fluid in glassware called meniscus
where is a serum prep used in chemistry
what is the purpose of the silicone barrier in this gold top tube to separate serum from blood/clot
how long must this tube sit at room temp in an upright position after it is drawn 30 minutes
how long is this tube centrifuged 15 minutes
know if a tube is centrifuged or not .
how do you balance a centrifuge any even number
fluid must be balance to balance centrifuge 3 lavender + gold = yes 3 gold + lavender = no
how is th cap removed from this blood tube use non dominate hand and take off away from you
which fingers are used in finger puncture middle and ring finger
where is the fingertip punctured one eye of the finger - off center of finger tip
when should alcohol be used to cleanse finger puncture site after milking
know what a lancet is .
when should a finger be massaged never
list 3 things not to do during a finger puncture don't squeeze, no massaging, and don't puncture middle
what should be done immediately after puncturing the finger lancet goes in biohazard-wipe first blood
how is a control sample applied to the test strip for blood glucose meter from a non absorbant material- wax paper
when does a blood glucose control solution expire 6 months after opening or exp date which ever comes first
where do you find the blood glucose acceptable control ranges on the bottom of the strip box
know if the blood glucose strips are acceptable to use for patient testing check expiration date or written date
how is blood sample applied to a glucose meter test strip like a straw
how long does the glucose meter test strip have to be held in the drop of blood until it beeps
how is the glucose meter test strip inserted into the machine gray end
how is the glucose meter test strip removed from the machine with guaze
what are the normal values for FBS 65-99mg/dL
how long must the patient fast prior to having a GTT done 8 hours
when should a patient schedule an appointment for GTT 7am-9am
when are blood samples drawn for a GTT FBS,1,2,3
when using the ektachem what is done first insert slide
know if the slide is properly inserted in the ektachem bar code up-line up notches
what is th generation number for the box of slides for the ektachem last 2 numbers of the first 4 numbers
know how to find the control # range blue book look up control I look for lot # in book and ref gen #
know how to find the normal value for a patient white book look up info for test/patient
which samples can be used for monospot test device serm, plasma, venipuncture whole blood, finger puncture
how do you hold the transfer pipett and buffer solution for a monospot test vertically
how should the monospot test device be positioned on flat surface
what does a positive monospot test look like .
what does a negative monospot test look like .
what does an invalid monospot test look like .
how is the drop of blood applied to the test strip of the accu-chek meter blood drop
make sure you know if there enough blood on the test strip pad for the accu-chek meter .
what should you do if there is not enough blood on the test strip pad for the accu-chek meter do it again
know if the accu-chek meter is coded for use with the jar of test strips match strips to machine
know how to check what the acceptable range for accu-chek meter look on sheet from strips for control# and look for strip# on controls
how often should controls be run for accu-chek meter every time a new box of strips are opened
how often should a accu-chek meter be coded every time a new box of strips are opened
when should the protective cover of the accu-chek meter be closed insterting strip - count down
when should the protective cover of the accu-chek meter be opened to put blood on strip - removing strip
what should you do if the meter display reads lo on the accu-chek meter check for enough blood on pad, check patient chart, re-do (low is less than 150mg/dL)
how long should the patient fast for a lipid panel 9 hours
at what temperature should test strips be stored room temperature - 20 min to warm up
what does 35*-46*F/2*-8*C represent refridgerator temp
what does 32*F/0*C represent freezer (frozen)
what does 59*F-86*F/15*-30*C represent room temp
what does 98.6*F/37*C represent body temp
Created by: spawmary