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FSA Vocab (1)

Academic vocabulary for assessment practice.

analyze to examine critically; to break into parts and look at each piece to better understand the whole.
character a person represented in a story, poem, play, etc.
characteristic a distinguishing feature or quality
cite to quote (a passage, book, author, etc)
clarify to make clear
climax turning point of the story
compare to note the similarities
conflict a struggle or problem
contrast find the differences
contribute to help to cause something to happen
describe to give an account or representation of words
determine to figure out something
develop elaborate or expand
dialogue a conversation between characters
evaluate to judge
explain to make something clear with reasons and examples
formulate to come up with; to develop
imagery visually descriptive
infer to use evidence and reasoning that is not stated
mood the way the writing makes a reader feel
paraphrase to restate something using different words
plot sequence of events in the story
summarize briefly retelling in your own words the main ideas and most important details
synthesize combining two or more ideas or elements to make something more complex
text evidence evidence from the reading selection that proves the answer to a question or supports your opinion.
tone a writer's attitude toward their subject matter (how they use language and organization in the text)
Created by: Drew Crew
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