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questions about HIPAA

what does HIPAA stand for? Health Insurance Portability & Accountability
When did HIPAA become a law? August 21, 1996
Title I Health insurance access, portability & renewal
Title II preventing healthcare fraud & abuse, Administrative simplification; medical liability reform
Title III Tax-related provisions
Title IV Application & Enforcement of Group Health Plan Requirements
Title V Revenue Offsets
Difference between use and disclosure use-when info is used w/in a facilitydisclosure-when info is used outside the facility
What information may be disclosed without authorization emergencies..abuse..funeral directors..law enforcement..medical researchers..organ/tissue donation centers..work related conditions
Who must comply with HIPAA? all health plans, healthcare clearing houses, and healthcare providers. AKA covered entities
How does HIPAA define a health care provider? As a legal entity that is trained & licensed to provide health care services and transmits the identified standard transactions electronically
What steps should a Health care organization take to prepare for HIPAA compliance? be proactive..review the organizations strategic and financial plan..allocate resources for the upoming years..initiate discussions with you IT partners on how to assess your organiztion's current performance relative to HIPAA standards
what are the consequences or penalties for non-compliance with HIPAA? penalties are substantial with monetary fines and in some cases imprisonment.
what is biometrics authentification? finger prints..facial recognition..voice recognition..iris scanning..hand geometry
is biometrics technology the answer to HIPAA security requirements? it is a core component for knowing that only authorized individuals have access to your most sensitive systems.
What information is protected by the HIPAA privacy rule? protects health information that is individually identifiable.
HIPAA will allow the provider to use health care information for: 1.treatment 2.payment 3.operations
what are the new righs that individuals are granted by the HIPAA privacy rules? right to request an accounting of health info disclosures/right to request and amendment to their health info/right to inspect and copy their health info
What is HIPAAs security rule? specifies how patient information is protected on computer networks, the internet, disks and other storage media and extranets
if a patients request copies of their medical records as permitted by the Privacy Rule, are they required to pay for copies? A reasonable, cost-based fee is permitted. fee may include only the cost of coying and pastage if mailing is required.
will HIPPA privacy rule permit a provider who is a covered entity to disclose a complete medical record even though portions of the record were created by other providers? yes. rule permits a provider who is covered entity to disclose a somplete medical record, including portions that were created by another provider.
Can a physician's office fax patient medical information to another physician's office? for treatment purposes--covered entities must have in place reasonable & appropriate admin, technical & physical safe guards to protect the privacy of protected health information that is diesclosed.
Are hospitals able to inform the clergy about prishoners inthe hospital? yes. as long as the patient has been informed.
Are stae, county, or local health departments required to comply with the HIPAA privacy rule? yes. as long as they are covered entites.
Created by: ldavren