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Fire protection

For a fire to occur, there must be Fuel,oxygen, and heat
A fire with solid combustables is also knows as Class a fire
A fire formed from fuel is also known as Class b fire
A fire which there are electrical circuits is Class c
A fire formed from metal is Class d fire
A wheel well or wing is what kind of fire Class d
The two general categories of fire detection systems are Continuous loop & spot detector
The thermal switch fire detection system Is a Spot type system
Thermal switch fire detection systems respond to a Pre -set temperature
Thermal switch fire detectors are connected in ____ with each other Parallel
A significant advantage of double loop detection circuits is that it can withstand a _____ such as a ____ or ____ circuit without causing false warnings Fault , short , open
Thermocouple fire detection systems may also be known as the ______ Spot type
Carbon dioxide _____ effective on class B & C fires Is
Halogenated hydrocarbons are identified through a system of _____ numbers Five digit
The typical inspection items for portable fire extinguishers are Weighing , checking gauges
HRD extinguishing systems are discharged by an electrically ignited discharge cartridge called a Squib
If an installed fire extinguisher system has been discharged by normal operation the _____ blowout desk will be ruptured Yellow
Almost all type of fire extinguisher containers require ______ to determine the amount of extinguishing agent Weighing
Fire extinguisher containers must be hydrostatically tested every ____ years Five
If a discharge cartridge is removed from a discharge valve it ________ be used in another discharge valve assembly May not
Thermocouple fire detection systems respond to a Rise of temperature
In the thermocouple systems, one thermocouple called the ________ thermocouple is placed in a location that is relatively well protected from the initial flame Reference
The two relays in a thermal couple fire detection system are Sensitive relay, slave relay
More complete coverage of a fire hazard area then as provided by a spot detector system may be obtained using a ________________ fire detection system Continuous loop
The_____Continuous loop system uses two wires inside the Inconel tube Kiddle
A ________fire detection system may also function as an overheat indicator Continuous loop
The two types of sensor responder systems that may be found in use are the Lynd burg system , system donner
What two gases are toxic to humans, may indicate a fire condition and may provide the earliest warning of a dangerous situation Nitrous- oxide, carbon dioxide
________ type smoke detectors is a small amount of radioactive material to ionize some of the oxygen and nitrogen drove into the unit Ionization
Three types of smoke detection units which may be found on aircraft are Light refraction, ionization, flame
Cabin upholstery materials installed in the current standard category airplane must Be at least flame resistant
In what area of an aircraft would you find a carbon monoxide detector? Cockpit and/ or cabin
What occurs when a visual smoke detector is activated A lamp within the indicator illuminates automatically
The types of fire extinguisher agents for aircraft interior fires are Water, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, halogenated hydrocarbons
When air samples contain carbon monoxide, portable carbon monoxide detectors containing yellow silica gel will turn what color Green
Smoke detection instruments are classified by their method of Detection
Smoke detectors which use a measurement of light transmissibility in the air are called Photo electric devices
A contaminated carbon monoxide portable test unit would be returned to service by Installing a new indicating element
Which fire detection system measures temperature rise Thermocouple
A carbon dioxide handheld fire extinguisher may be used on an electrical fire if the Horn is non-metallic
The proper fire extinguishing agent to use on aircraft brake fire is Dry powder chemical
Smoke in the cargo and/or baggage compartment of an aircraft is commonly detected by what instrument Photo electric cell
Light refraction smoke detectors Sense light reflected from smoke particles passing through a chamber
Why does the fen wall fire detection system use spot detectors wired parallel between two separate circuits A short may exist in either circuit without causing a false fire warning
A fire extinguisher container can be checked to determine its charge by Weight
What is the color code for fire extinguisher lines Brown
The most common cause Of a false fire warnings and continuous loop fire detection system is Dents , kinks, or crushed sensor sections
A thermocouple and a fire detection system causes the warning system to operate because It generates a small current when heated
A thermocouple fire warning system is activated by a Rate of temperature rise
When used in fire detection systems having a single indicator light, thermal switches are wired in Parallel with each other and in series with the light
Built in aircraft fire extinguishing systems are ordinarily charged with Halogenated hydrocarbons, and nitrogen
What method is used to detect a thermal discharge of a belt and fire extinguisher system A rupture of the red plastic disc in the thermal discharge line
The thermal switches on a bimetallic thermal switch type fire detection system are heat sensitive units that complete circuits at a certain temperature. they are connected in Parallel with each other, but in series with the indicator lights
On a periodic check of fire extinguisher containers, the pressure was not between minimum and maximum on it. what procedure should be followed? Replace the extinguisher container
And some fire extinguishing systems, evidence that the system has been intentionally discharged as indicated by the absence of a Yellow disk on the side of the fuselage
If a fire extinguisher cartridge is removed from a discharge valve for any reason it Is recommended that the cartridge be used only on the original discharge valve assembly
Which fire extinguisher agent is considered to be the least toxic Carbon dioxide
Maintenance of fire detection systems include the Replacement of damaged sensing elements
A squib, as used in fire protection system is a Device for causing the fire extinguishing agent to be released
Halon 1301 Flooding agent
Halon 1211 Streaming agent
Created by: Bnich
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